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    26 Products That Will Help If You *Constantly* Can't Find Things In Your House

    From a foolproof key finder to a stylish phone charger you can wear as a bracelet.

    1. This Bluetooth item and phone finder can be attached to keys or slipped into wallets. You can make it ring an alarm from your phone, or press the tile itself to make your phone play noise.

    2. These handy sock clips make sure socks stay in pairs while being washed, dried, and stored so you don't have to go looking for missing singles.

    3. This wall-mounted mail organiser and key rack makes an easy place to keep keys, important letters, and other bits you're always misplacing.

    4. If you can never find your phone charger when you need it, this USB charging bracelet will stay stylishly on your wrist and is compatible for all Samsung phones.

    5. Or this one works for iPhones and has a cool gold detail.

    6. This makeup organiser will mean you never have to hunt for a specific shade of lipstick again. It's durable, easy to assemble, and rotates 360 degrees!

    7. Or if you really want to overhaul a messy dressing table, this brand has everything from lipstick holders to palette organisers.

    8. This handbag organising insert slips neatly into bags and means you won't have to root around or upend your handbag to find things. It's fully waterproof, has 12 pockets, and comes in loads of different colours!

    9. This lazy Susan keeps all your sauces and spices in one place and easily accessible, so you don't have to search through cupboards to find a particular bottle.

    10. Struggle to find cash when you need it? This capsule keyring keeps emergency money in a watertight, easily accessible space.

    11. I own these stick-on mop and broom holders and let me tell you. they are life-changing. They help keep floors free from clutter, are easy to install (and super strong), and even have lil' hooks too for you to keep other items safe.

    12. This cute multifunctional holder will keep everything from makeup brushes to stationery safe.

    13. These storage containers will hold cereal, pasta, rice, and more, making it super easy to grab what you need while cooking. They're stackable, have easy pour openings, and come with stick-on labels.

    14. This drawer organiser is incredibly satisfying to look at and will help keep socks, underwear, and ties where you can easily find them.

    15. These handy stackable organisers keep T-shirts wrinkle-free and make it incredibly easy to find which one you need.

    16. This desk organiser helps keep all the stationery and everyday bits in your home office in one place. It also has a high-quality faux leather look.

    17. While this expanding document holder makes sure your desk doesn't drown under bits of random paper. It allows you to organise by colour as well as by month, alphabet, or specific category (i.e. bills), expands to hold 3,000 A4 sheets, and comes with paper clips!

    18. This car boot organiser has loads of pockets to keep things safely in, all of which are mesh so you can see what's being held where! It fits all cars, is waterproof, and helps protect your boot from dirt and scuffs.

    19. This hanging wardrobe storage is great for keeping bags and clothes separated. They have wide open shelves so it's easy to reach in and grab what you need when you need it, and has side pockets for even more space to keep stuff!

    20. This label maker makes it easy to know exactly what's in every little jar or box you have kicking around at home.

    21. This magnetic whiteboard sticks to fridges and can be used to keep track of to-do lists, as well as make note of where you've put important things.

    22. This nifty stick-on wallet attaches to your phone so all your most important items (keys, cash, and debit cards) are in one place.

    23. This coffee mug holder slips easily onto cabinets and means you'll always know exactly where your favourite mug is.

    24. This cutlery organiser expands to fit your drawer and keeps all your utensils nicely sorted and in their respective categories.

    25. This over-the-door organiser is a great place to keep shoes, gloves, sunglasses, and all your other easily misplaced bits.

    26. These shelf and drawer organisers mean you'll never have lost lids again. It also works for pots, pans, and storage containers!