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    22 Things To Buy If You Are Seriously In Need Of A Smartphone Break

    If all else fails, lock your phone away and get a Nokia.

    1. First things first, if you're doing a digital detox you'll need a landline to stay in touch with people. This rotary phone with a proper curly cord is just the ticket.

    2. This book on digital minimalism makes for good reading while you're off your phone and will help you plan a less tech-reliant life.

    3. While this 'phone detox' flip book is full of lovely little reminders of the benefits of taking a break from your smartphone.

    4. Have a phone break without letting any of your commitments slide with this pretty pineapple-print physical diary.

    5. And you can pin this beautiful swirly blue calendar to your wall to give yourself another easy-to-see record of your plans.

    6. While this handy to-do list will help you whizz through the things you need to get done without reaching for your phone to check your reminders.

    7. Use these colourful marker pens to write in them (or for a bit of soothing colouring in)!

    8. Of course, taking a break from your phone might mean you need a new alarm to get you up in the morning. This one is effective but affordable, with a light up screen, snooze function, and glow-in-the-dark clock hands.

    9. But if you're really keen on ~detoxing~ this sunrise alarm clock wakes you up with natural light, nature sounds, and also functions as both a lamp and radio.

    10. Time to reacquaint yourself with the trusty wristwatches we all used to use to tell the time. This one is unisex and does the job without breaking the bank.

    11. Addicted to phone puzzles? This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle will definitely keep you occupied and off your phone.

    12. This colouring book for adults is another great way to relax during your tech break.

    13. This fidget spinner is ideal for people who find themselves subconsciously reaching for their phone, or just like to keep their hands busy!

    14. Or this rainbow-coloured bubble popper toy is incredibly highly rated for its distracting, analogue qualities.

    15. Bad at maths? This pocket calculator can be brought with you to solve all your arithmetic needs, has a cover to protect it, and just feels very nostalgic.

    16. Taking a phone break shouldn't mean you don't get to listen to music! This CD player is great if you still have any of your old discs kicking around.

    17. Or go even more old school with this cute vinyl turntable. It's portable and also has a Bluetooth speaker so you can keep using it even after your phone break is over.

    18. Make the most of your digital detox time with this de-stressing candle. It's enriched with 24 essential oils designed to relax you, including uplifting jasmine and comforting rosewood.

    19. You can pair it with these lavender-infused deep sea bath salts. They promise to help calm the mind and promote a deeper sleep, which is perfect for phone-addicted insomniacs (like, *ahem* me).

    20. If you know you're really going to struggle staying off your phone, this 'phone jail' is incredibly helpful. It has a timer so you can set how long you want to put your phone on an enforced timeout.

    21. If you do end up sneaking a peek at your phone though, these blue light blocking glasses will help protect your eyes.

    22. And if you're determined to break up with your smartphone either for an extended period or for good, you can swap it out for this good 'ole, hard working Nokia.