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    17 Ways To Procrastinate At Work Without Getting Caught

    Procrastination: the professional edition.

    1. Transform Facebook into a spreadsheet.

    2. Look like you're checking emails while browsing Reddit.

    3. Get around internet blocks by requesting web pages via email.

    4. Fake that you're busy with "hardworking" sound effects.

    5. Create a decoy screen.

    6. Disguise your Twitter addiction with SpreadTweet.

    7. Do the Browser Slide.

    8. Cover your tracks with incognito mode.

    9. Twitter blocked? Tweet via email!

    10. Quickly hide naughty websites with keyboard shortcuts.

    11. Turn checking emails into a game.

    12. Visit

    13. Play Geoguessr.

    A guessing game using Google Maps, where you're dropped into a random location and have to guess where you are. If anyone asks, you're just trying to find directions for your next meeting (that happens to be in Tokyo)...

    14. Check who's sneaking up on you with a Rearview Monitor Mirror.

    15. Exit programs quickly with a virtual Don't Panic button.

    16. Or get a real-life panic button with Stealth Switch.

    17. Get a spare wallet and coat.