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    17 Ways To Procrastinate At Work Without Getting Caught

    Procrastination: the professional edition.

    1. Transform Facebook into a spreadsheet.

    Link up your Facebook account and it'll be loaded onto a page that looks just like a spreadsheet. Link here.

    2. Look like you're checking emails while browsing Reddit.

    Reddit DISGUISED AS OUTLOOK. This website has hooked up a page that transforms Reddit into an Outlook-style format, so you can browse safely. Genius. Link here.

    3. Get around internet blocks by requesting web pages via email.

    Emma Cooke / Via

    If your office has blocked certain sites, or worse still, all internet aside from email (it happens), get around it with a web page to email service. Ping a message to with the web page you want to look at, and it'll be in your inbox within a few minutes.

    4. Fake that you're busy with "hardworking" sound effects.


    Head to Sound Busy and you'll find audio clips (like typing and phones ringing) that will trick your boss into thinking you're working.

    5. Create a decoy screen.

    IBM WebSphere

    Next time you're installing or updating something, take a screengrab and set it as your background. Then, when you leave your desk, people will think you're just waiting for the installation to finish!

    6. Disguise your Twitter addiction with SpreadTweet.

    Logo / Via

    SpreadTweet turns Twitter into a spreadsheet. Just make sure your manager doesn't follow you on Twitter. Download it here.

    7. Do the Browser Slide.

    Emma Cooke / Via

    The laziest way to quickly hide windows is to literally just grab the title bar and 'throw' it to the side or bottom of your computer.

    8. Cover your tracks with incognito mode.

    Disney / Via

    Use incognito windows to prevent anyone from checking up on your search history.

    9. Twitter blocked? Tweet via email!

    This has the added bonus of making tweeting look like you're sending emails too. Just login to and link your email address to get started!

    10. Quickly hide naughty websites with keyboard shortcuts.

    NBC / Via

    Set up keyboard shortcuts to hide certain programs. Then when you're browsing you can hit a key of your choice to instantly minimise them!

    11. Turn checking emails into a game.

    Atlantic Records / Via

    There's a website that gamifies clearing your inbox, and it is awesome. Check it out here.

    12. Visit

    This website has three games disguised as things that look like work. There's a graph that is actually a rocket ship game, a text document version of Breakout, and a bar graph elimination game.

    13. Play Geoguessr.

    A guessing game using Google Maps, where you're dropped into a random location and have to guess where you are. If anyone asks, you're just trying to find directions for your next meeting (that happens to be in Tokyo)...

    14. Check who's sneaking up on you with a Rearview Monitor Mirror.

    FOX / Via

    The C.H.I.M.P Rearview Monitor Mirror is a genius little gadget you stick on your screen to see when your boss is lurking behind you.

    15. Exit programs quickly with a virtual Don't Panic button.


    This program will completely get rid of specific windows as soon as you click the “Don’t Panic!” button. Only use in extreme situations though – it sadly won't save your work before it closes them!

    16. Or get a real-life panic button with Stealth Switch.

    The ultimate gadget to hide windows quickly, you keep this on the floor and whenever your boss walks by, just tap it and it’ll instantly minimise any sites or apps you’ve programmed. And you'll feel like a spy every time you use it too.

    17. Get a spare wallet and coat.


    Oh, where are you? No one knows, but you can't have gone too far – you left your wallet and coat at your desk! Probably just in a meeting ;) ;)

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