27 Ridiculously Pretty Rose Quartz Necklaces You 100% Need

    Pretty in pink.

    1. These geometric drops.

    2. These rough-round-the-edges beauties.

    3. This stunning pink and gold arrowhead.

    4. This cosmic wonder.

    5. This darling little circle drop.

    6. This exquisitely encircled statement piece.

    7. This pearl-encrusted stunner.

    8. This luminescent drop.

    9. These magical crystal bullets.

    10. This striking oxidised silver and quartz chain.

    11. These polished to perfection pendants.

    12. This rose-gold entwined gem.

    13. This personalised pendant.

    14. These gold-topped crystals.

    15. These simplistic points.

    16. This beautifully modern decoration.

    17. This straight line of silver and rose.

    18. This pink and green delight.

    19. This adorable quartz-decorated new baby necklace.

    20. This delicate AF design.

    21. This beaded beauty.

    22. This magical pendant.

    23. This elegant offering.

    24. This straight-to-the-heart arrows.

    25. This delicate teardrop.

    26. This charmed set of three.

    27. These glowing drops of sunlight.