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    19 Surprising Ways To Save A Little Money

    Little tips for more spare change.

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    1. Sign up to apps that give you free stuff.

    2. Pre-make meals in bulk over the weekend.

    3. Or buy your to-go lunches in bulk to save £££.

    4. Be flexible with your holiday destination as well as your dates.

    5. Online shop so you don't have to pay full price for anything.

    6. If you're shopping online, always go through a cashback site.

    7. Don't be scared to switch banks.

    8. Follow the three day rule on purchases.

    9. Avoid buying new mobile phones.

    10. Shop around for the best mobile deals.

    11. If you go to the cinema, museums, art galleries or the theatre regularly, save money by buying a yearly card.

    12. Don't pay extra to go to the gym.

    13. Sell your old stuff online.

    14. Don't get sucked into bad supermarket deals.

    15. Get separate bank accounts and "sweep" your leftover funds.

    16. Don't pay extra to spend money abroad.

    17. Get a railcard.

    18. Find your local library.

    19. Get free alternatives to office suites, photoshop and more.