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21 Pizza Slices You Must Try Before You Die

The best slices in town.

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1. Pizza Artisan, Oxford

Instagram: @terleev

The devil's in the details at Pizza Artisan. They use local flour to make their dough, and all pizzas come with optional fresh baby-leaf spinach, wild rocket, and freshly grated parmesan cheese for free.

2. Homeslice, London

Instagram: @eatslowhomie

Homeslice is my favourite pizza in London, hands down. There are many sexy, sexy pizza joints in London, but these guys are the queen of the pizza seraglio. Both the slices and the full pizzas are MAMMOTH, making them great value: It's £4 for a slice twice the size of your face, and £20 for a pizza you could wrap around yourself like a blanket and use to fight off the winter chill.

If you're going, order either the mushroom, ricotta, and pumpkin seed pizza, the chorizo and corn pizza, or the ~shiny new~ venison, kale, onion, and dukkah pizza.

3. Ply, Manchester

Instagram: @laurenskarratt

Located in Manchester's ridiculously cool Northern Quarter, this place gets full marks for the disco-ball tiled pizza oven they have here. Also full marks for the artichoke and smoked pig's cheek pizza, the best slice on the menu.

4. Flour & Ash, Bristol

Facebook: pg

Teeny-tiny Bristolian pizza shop with great big bold flavours. The gourmet pizza you'll find here is second to none: Do yourself a favour and order either the ox cheek and red wine ragu or the marinated aubergine pizza.


5. Dough Boys, Leeds

Dough Boys

The names sound as good as the pizza tastes: things like "Ricotta Get Through This", featuring wild mushrooms, ricotta, soy dressing, and pickled ginger, or the "Balls Deep", with Spanish-style pork meatballs, pimento dressing and grana padano.

6. Pizza Pilgrims, London

Instagram: @mojorojo

Started from a street food van now we're here, with multiple restaurants dotted over London. I reckon Drake himself would be hard pressed to find fault with Pizza Pilgrims' wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas.

7. The Hop, York

Instagram: @tallxander

What's better than a beautiful pub? A beautiful pub that serves pizza. York is a mecca for all charming pubs, so it would be a crime to eat your pizza anywhere else tbh.


9. American Pizza Slice, Liverpool

Instagram: @jenniferdavies

Indecisive? American Pizza Slice is here for you. Forget half and half: You can get a different topping on EACH SLICE of your pizza. Because everyone knows variety is the slice, I mean, spice of life.

10. Craft & Dough, Sheffield

Facebook: pg

The name sums up what this place is about: craft beer and pizza. They have a beer list to satisfy the most demanding of hop aficionados, and the pizza has a light, crisp base loaded with plenty of toppings.

For something a bit more unusual, try the Bombay Express, which features paneer, Bombay potatoes, and raita, or the Taco done with refried beans, minced beef, and sour cream.

11. Pizza Peddlers, Liverpool

Facebook: pg

Car parks might not be the most joyous of places, but they're always a delight to be in whenever the Pizza Peddlers' van rocks up. You'll find these guys at various street food spots all over the North West, but primarily Liverpool and Manchester. All the pizza is good, but it's the pancetta and fire-roasted red pepper toppings that steal the show.

12. The White Rabbit, Oxford

Instagram: @glutenfreepaleogirl

These guys are legitimately obsessed with Napoli-style pizza, and have gone to great lengths to produce some of the best you can get here in the UK, even flying in an Italian chef. For classic Italian flavours, order the Zola, which comes topped with gorgonzola DOP, pear, and Italian pancetta.


13. Peel & Stone, Birmingham

Instagram: @lauramaybillings

Question: What is the perfect accompaniment to pizza? Answer: more bread, covered with garlic, butter, and preferably more cheese. At Peel & Stone, not only do they have great pizza, they also do the most perfect pizza side dish known to man...garlic cheesy pull-apart bread.

14. Santa Maria, London

A little slice of Naples in London, this intimate pizzeria serves up incredibly authentic, incredibly delicious slices. For a proper flavour sensation, try the Calzone San Salvatore, a folded pizza with ricotta, cotto ham, salame Napoli, mozzarella, and parmesan inside.

15. Tribeca, Liverpool

Instagram: @_laurenfitness

With one giant pizza menu, Tribeca definitely has something to fit every taste, which might be why it's one of the most popular pizzerias in Liverpool.

16. Honest Crust, Manchester

Honest Crust

A lesson in just how good simplicity can be, Honest Crust is all about high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and simple flavours done really, really well. There's loads of exciting things on the menu, but honestly their margherita done with San Marzano tomatoes, fior de latte mozzarella, and fresh basil is heavenly.


17. Gino's Pear Tree, Loughborough

Facebook: pg

A family-run joint, this pizzeria is located in the loveliest of 18th-century inns, surrounded by idyllic village scenery. The wood-fired pizzas are blimmin' brilliant too – go for the firey Nduja, which packs a serious chilli punch.

18. Söderberg, Edinburgh

Instagram: @soderbergbakery

This delightful Swedish bakery has locations all across Edinburgh. There's something for everyone here, from sweet pastries to savoury snacks, but it's the compact but lovingly put together pizza menu that will capture your heart.

19. The Oak, London

Instagram: @londoness1

Pizza and pubs are star-crossed lovers and their union should be protected as such. The wood-fired pizza served in this lovely London pub and private dining room is 100% worth some kind of decree that it's a national treasure that needs safeguarding – in particular the Campagnola, topped with mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, caramelised onions, and goat's cheese before being drizzled with truffle oil.

20. The Stable, various locations

Facebook: pg

You'll only find pizza, pies, and pints of cider at this West Country mini chain, but I'm totally fine with that. Especially when the pizzas are this good: Made with responsibly sourced ingredients, the dough is always crisp, never stodgy, and the toppings wonderfully unique. Be sure to order the Lamb Roast pizza if you visit, made with chunks of local lamb, goat's milk cheddar, mint, and thyme-roasted sweet potato.

21. O Sole Mio, Glasgow

Facebook: osolemioglasgow

This gem opened in Glasgow in 1965, and has been delivering slap-up pizza ever since. In fact, their wood-fire oven just seems to get better with age. Try the Puccinella, topped with mozzarella, mushroom, Italian sausage, and gorgonzola, if you get a chance.


Full pizzas at Homeslice are £20. A previous version of this article said they were £10.