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    17 Pie Shops You Must Visit In Yorkshire


    1. Ye Olde Pie and Sausage Shoppe, York.

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    They spell shop with two 'p's and an 'e', that means it's super legit. A family run shop in the heart of York (a.k.a one of the prettiest cities ever), they do sausages too, made with beer from the local brewery. The pies are where it's at though, with perfectly seasoned fillings and golden crunchy pastry.

    2. Silversmiths Restaurant, Sheffield.

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    Go here on a Tuesday. Because, dear reader, Tuesday at Silversmiths is Pie & Steak Night, and no more glorious a night ever existed. Steak may be tempting, but don't be swayed: the pork pie done with leeks, sweetcorn, cider and sage cream sauce is where true happiness lies.

    3. The Hull Pie, Kingston-Upon-Hull.

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    Kings of transparent pie making, you can see the pies actually being made as you walk in here. Top quality and hand crafted, there's the classics, but also a load of unusual flavours too, like jerk chicken and BBQ pulled pork.

    4. Humble Pie 'n' Mash, Whitby.

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    This place has no reason to be humble. Their pies are bloody good and served in gorgeous surrounds to boot. The building this Whitby pie shop resides in is amazingly old - it dates back to the 1600s – meaning the interiors are beautiful, with fireplaces and timber everywhere.

    5. Pieminister, Leeds.

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    Pieminister has pie restaurants and pie pubs dotted all over the country, but the Leeds branch is pretty epic. It's got gorgeous rustic interiors, craft ales and a sign that reads "you won't believe your pies". Puns and pies? Sign us up.

    6. The Yorkshire Pie & Mash Shop, Saltburn-By-The-Sea.

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    Steak pie, mashed potatoes and a proper cup of Yorkshire tea. You just can't get a better combination. This place has all of that in an adorable little shop that's full of vintage touches (like ration books on the table).

    7. The Pie Shed, Dewsbury.

    Yes, those are milkshakes not pies but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD LOOK AT THOSE MILKSHAKES. Have a pie AND a milkshake. You deserve it.

    8. The Yorkshire Pie House, Doncaster.

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    A solid local favourite, this pie house serves up a blimmin' good steak and ale pie. The beef is thickly cut and nicely marbled, and the gravy thick and rich. Beats a burger every time.

    9. Puddin' & Pie, York.

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    York is a bit of a mecca for pies, with loads of really great pie shops in the city. This one is on beautiful Bishopthorpe road, a total foodie gem of a street. Served up with mash, peas and lashings of rich, comforting gravy, the pies are handmade and so worth visiting for.

    10. Pie in the Sky, Guisborough.

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    You can get pies in two formats here: traditional or gourmet. Both are hearty bricks of pie that will leave you feeling all warm and toasty. As will a big mug of Ovaltine with it (they serve Ovaltine here!!)

    11. Skipton Pie and Mash Shop, Skipton.

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    One of North Yorkshire's most beloved pie shops, it's worth making the pilgrimage to Skipton just to try their amazing pies. A proper sit down place, you can get chicken, steak, minced beef or two vegetarian options (cheese, onion and potato HELLO).

    12. Wilsons Pies, Leeds.

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    For pork pies, you can't do much better than Wilson's butcher. They've won a ton of awards, fill their pies with locally reared pork and are champions of the traditional Yorkshire pie. You'll find them sold at various shops around Leeds – pop in and try one while you're exploring around the city.

    13. The Black Swan, York.

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    This stunning pub dates back to the 15th century and is one of York's finest. It serves craft ales and local beer in really sumptuous surroundings, as well as really really lovely pies. In fact, its steak and ale pie was voted the best in York!

    14. Café Pie, Sheffield.

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    The owner of Cafe Pie has ten years as a chef behind him, and all that goes into making his amazing home-baked pies. Sure, you can get a full English here, and cakes and traybakes too. But what could be better than a steaming, meaty pie? Nothing, that's what.

    15. The Piebald Inn, Hunmanby.

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    The Piebald Inn is a member of the Pie Pub company, whose mission is to spread the good word of pie. Their pies in particular are "world famous", so it's a noble mission indeed. Meat lovers should go for the Cleaveland Bay, which features three cuts of beef (oxtail is one of them) slowly cooked in black treacle, shallots, bacon and chestnut mushrooms. The Irish Draught of beef simmered in thick Guinness gravy is another good 'un.

    16. Hinchliffe's Farm Shop, Huddersfield.

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    Hinchcliffe has been farming for nearly a century now, so they've pretty much got this pie malarky down pat. Four generations have been working on the farm, and now you can find their meat, and more importantly their pies at a variety of shops in the local Huddersfield area.

    17. Topping Pies, Doncaster.

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    How many Great Taste awards has Topping Pies won? Not one. Not ten. Not twenty. Topping pies has one THIRTY-THREE Great Taste awards, which means they must be onto a winner. You'll find their pies in Selfridges and Harrods, but nothing tastes better than biting into one in their hometown of Doncaster in the Market Hall.

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