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    17 Pictures Of Macarons That Will Ruin All Other Desserts For You

    Little sugar sandwiches of joy.

    1. This watermelon tower.

    2. These cream-filled delights.

    3. These mermaid macarons.

    4. These incredible macaron faces.

    5. These cute cactuses.

    6. These love hearts.

    7. These little guys.

    8. This colourful bite.

    9. These pretty-as-a-picture treats.

    10. These cherry bombs.

    11. This lovely line-up.

    12. These decorated desserts.

    13. These tropical treats.

    14. These properly filled macarons.

    15. This marbleised wonder.

    16. These magical unicorns.

    17. This box of wonders.

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