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    Posted on Oct 5, 2016

    People Are Sharing Their Favorite Mistranslated English Signs And It’s Hilarious

    It all started when TV presenter Richard Osman shared a picture his daughter took when she was in China.

    A few days ago, TV Presenter, Richard Osman was sent a picture by his daughter of a mis-translation she'd spotted while travelling in China.

    Twitter: @richardosman

    Just in case you're curious, the sign is actually trying to say: “Maintaining silence is a form of respect for others. Please don’t let your children play in the restaurant area. Thank you.” Potato is the name of the restaurant.

    While Osman's daughter has previously sent him mis-translation pictures, this one stood out to him. He shared the image to Twitter, where has been liked over 8,000 times.

    My daughter is in China and sends me photos of mis-translations. This is my new favourite.

    The tweet was quickly picked up by others, who started sharing their own mis-translation pictures.

    @richardosman I still cannot figure out exactly what they meant with this one I saw in Japan!

    @richardosman @IanMoules here is one I saw in Beijing recently. They're rather mean to bean sprouts over there.

    Innuendo has been rife.

    Hi @richardosman. Our holiday apartment in France translated it's rules. I specially like the first one.

    @richardosman @Dawn_French this was a dish served at my hotel for breakfast

    There's also a fair amount of toilet humour...

    @richardosman @Markgatiss Coincidentally, my friend sent me this earlier:

    But it's mainly innuendo.

    And this really helpful map.

    .@richardosman This is my personal favourite from when I visited. Least useful map ever.

    The forgotten heroes are the ones suffering the potato romping though.

    @richardosman it's actually correct. There's been a spate of potato rompers (people dressed as potatoes) visiting museums in Shanghai area.

    May their plight remain forever in our hearts.

    @richardosman You may mock but romping in potato is a very real problem for many, Richard. Why must they suffer in silence?

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