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    18 London Restaurants For When You Can't Decide What To Eat

    No menus that double as epic novels allowed.

    1. The Cheese Bar, Camden

    Nic Crilly-Hargrave

    What's the deal? Originally The Cheese Truck, a truck filled with cheese, The Cheese Bar is the owner's new restaurant – similarly filled with cheese. Don't be distracted by the new cheesy menu items, it's the next level grilled cheese sandwiches that made these guys famous. So that's what you need to order.

    Why you should go: Erm, THE CHEESE. Yes, you will have to choose between goats cheese, blue cheese, cheddar and the seasonal special, but I firmly believe we all fall into one of the four camps.

    2. Hunan, Belgravia

    3. Padella, London Bridge

    4. Sichuan Folk, Spitalfields

    5. Pidgin, Hackney


    What's the deal? It's impossible to overthink at Pidgin. Rock up to be served four weekly-changing courses – no choices allowed – of quietly sensational modern British cuisine.

    Why you should go: Essentially this an extremely excellent permanent supper club (the owners ran one previously). Like a big dinner party, minus the stressed-out host and panic-buying the second cheapest bottle of wine at an off-license round the corner.

    6. Adulis, Oval and Brixton

    7. Lurra, Marylebone

    8. Burger and Lobster, Mayfair and other locations

    Burger and Lobster

    What's the deal? I will be forever grateful to Burger and Lobster for bringing me delicious £20 lobster dinners – the meal of choice for the champagne-taste-beer-budget girl about town.

    Why you should go: It's a ridiculously easy, always delicious meal decision. Lobster trumps burger every day of the week. If you disagree meet me behind the bins at 5pm, I just want to talk.

    9. Brasserie Zedel, Picadilly

    10. Le Relais de Venise, Marylebone and other locations

    11. Monohon, Old Street


    What's the deal? Dedicated to all things ramen, Monohan's tiny five-item menu means there's more time to spend on the important stuff, like freshly made noodles and chashu pork slow-cooked in sake and soy. And if you're still um-ing and ah-ing, just order the Shouyu Tonkotsu – the house speciality.

    Why you should go: At Monohan, it's all about quality over quantity. And believe me, these noodles are quality.

    12. Dotori, Finsbury Park

    13. Bubbledogs, Fitzrovia

    14. Bao, Soho and Fitzrovia

    15. Arancini Brothers, Kentish Town and other locations

    16. Olle, Soho

    17. Clarke's, Notting Hill

    18. Where The Pancakes Are, Southwark