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    23 Teeny Tiny Amethyst Necklaces That Are Delicate AF

    Violet, periwinkle and mauve.

    1. These raw cut drops.

    2. These embellished arrowheads.

    3. This exquisite crystal heart.

    4. This gorgeously decorated Hamsa symbol.

    5. This personalised pendant.

    6. These perfect friendship necklaces.

    7. These Charmed-esque scrying pendants.

    8. This delicate purple drop.

    9. This tiny key and amethyst necklace.

    10. This beautiful bezel-set pendant.

    11. These darling layering necklaces.

    12. These triangular drop pendants.

    13. This sensational statement piece.

    14. This chevron gemstone wonder.

    15. This beaded beauty.

    16. These rough-round-the-edges nuggets.

    17. This hexagonal delight.

    18. This multi-faceted teardrop.

    19. These multicoloured slices.

    20. This silver and periwinkle dream.

    21. This unusual geode and amethyst pairing.

    22. This many-layered piece.

    23. These little drops of heaven.