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    24 Faces Every Person Who Worries Constantly Will Instantly Recognise

    My panic attack is having a panic attack.

    1. The "oh crap they weren't waving at me" face:

    2. The "I have to make a decision about something" face:

    3. The "I just made a decision" face:

    4. The "just remembered that embarrassing thing I did four years ago" face:

    5. The "someone's just cancelled plans" face:

    6. The "wait, why have they cancelled on me?" face:

    7. The "just walked in on two people talking and think they might have been talking about me" face:

    8. The "just been asked something in a meeting and now everyone's looking at me" face:

    9. The "trying to make small talk" face:

    10. The "I didn't catch what you said, so now I'm laughing to try and cover it up rather than just ask you to repeat yourself" face:

    11. The "I've found a new mole" face:

    12. The "I just googled my symptoms" face:

    13. The "someone just made a polite comment and I need to spend hours analysing it" face:

    14. The "I can't remember if I locked the front door" face:

    15. The "what I just said was weird, why did I just say that?" face:

    16. The "my boss just asked to have a quick chat" face:

    17. The "oh god, I can't find my purse and there's a queue behind me" face:

    18. The "trying to act normal at this party" face:

    19. The "I don't know anyone here" face:

    20. The "why did I agree to socialise?" face:

    21. The "just hit Reply All to that email thread" face:

    22. The "that sounded different in my head to how it came out" face:

    23. The "I'm totally chill, I swear" face:

    24. The "found my other anxious friend and they've sourced a hiding place" face: