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17 Summer Pop Ups In London You Would Be An Idiot To Miss

Kelis is currently making milkshakes in central London. This is not a drill.

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1. Kelis x Le Bun at One Leicester Street

Instagram: @petite

Le Bun does awesome pop ups around London, serving amazing American French fusion food (above is the Truffle Double Double, a double cheeseburger with truffle jam). Kelis is now a Cordon Bleu trained chef with a cookbook and range of sauces. Do you see where I'm going with this?

In a beautiful pairing, Kelis has teamed up with Le Bun to make sweet sweet burger-y magic. So go, enjoy the food, order Kelis's "Not A Milkshake" cocktail, but please, for the love of god, don't ask her about her milkshakes to her face. Some jokes do get old. Keep all your milkshake jokes in your pant then just put them on social media afterwards.

Price: £40 a head for the set menu

Dates: ends THIS SUNDAY so book now!

Book here.

2. Sipsmith Punch House at The House of St Barnabas


Sipsmith has launched their new London Cup, which is kind of like Pimms but 100x better. It's inspired by 18th century punches and has Earl Grey in it and tastes like actual heaven when you mix it with lemonade. Anyway, to celebrate, they've also launched a new pop up with private members club The House of St Barnabas. Go for the handcrafted "historical serves" of the London Cup, stay for the opportunity to snoop round a private members club.

Price: £15 per session, which includes a cocktail on arrival and history talk

Dates: every Sunday until August 14

Book here.

3. Vogue Cafe at Westfield

Instagram: @aslambakes

To celebrate their 100th birthday, Vogue have launched a pop up cafe in Westfields shopping centre. It is everything you'd imagine it would be. Chic, done in monotone shades, and highly Instagrammable. It is also filled with special Vogue champagne cocktails, Vogue punch and afternoon tea-style goodies. You know what that means guys. CUPCAKES. And they're the goddamn fanciest cupcakes you will ever have.

Side note: if you don't want to go to Westfields but still want to Vogue it up, go to Punch Room at the London Edition Hotel. They have a limited edition Vogue punch on and lemme tell you, it is *delicious*.

Price: free entry, then £3.50 for cupcakes, £1.90 for macarons and £20 for afternoon tea

Dates: until 25 September

No booking.

4. Little Nan's Rio Bar at The Rio Cinema

Instagram: @februaryhill

Going to Little Nan's Rio Bar will fulfil every childhood dream you had of hanging out at the local cool girl's house. It's got posters of 90s heartthrobs on the walls, piles of pic n mix dotted around the place – it's basically the 90s bedroom you always wished you had. One that comes fully stocked with booze.

You'll find this nostalgic pop up bar beneath the Rio Cinema, and I 100% recommend it for anyone who considers themselves a true 90s kid.

Price: tickets from £10

Dates: until 14th August

Book here.


5. The Claw at Skylon

Instagram: @clawfood

Claw is an amazing street food purveyor of all things fishy and fresh from the Devon coast, and they're currently popping up at Skylon bar. This isn't *that* wildly wonderful unless you love seafood but lucky for me I LOVE SEAFOOD SO MUCH SO THIS IS WILDLY WONDERFUL.

They have crab croquettes, and crab burgers and crayfish toast and tempura tiger prawns and what you need to do is imagine me twirling in a field of crab treats and you'll get the idea.

Price: Free entry, then £11.50 for a crab burger and £7 to £10 for small plates

Dates: until August

Book here.

6. Salon Couture High Tea at The Savoy

The Savoy

The Savoy's high tea is up there with some of the best high teas in London. And now they've partnered with British couturier Suzie Turner to bring the ultimate high fashion tea to the city. During the tea, you will see a showcase of Turner's amazing fashion gowns, which is great because you can pretend to be Miranda Priestly and purse your lips and make vague comments about how "colourful" everything is.

FYI, there will be a dress with forty thousand hand-sewn emerald Nagoire flat feathers and a gown made with twenty-seven thousand Swarovski crystals. No big deal. Yeah, it's £58 a pop, but that includes a cocktail, full afternoon tea and unlimited levels of style.

Price: £58

Dates: take place the first Wednesday of every month

Book here.

7. Edible Playground at Christabel's

Instagram: @kfleets

A 90s throwback bar, and now this. A literal playground-themed supper club. In case you hadn't guessed yet, yes I am trying to recapture my youth.

This is seriously pretty cool though. Christabel's does "edible experiences", which are basically really cool foodie pop ups all over London. My favourite is definitely this childhood-themed one, where you can paint your food, play biscuit Jenga and chuck a fuck ton of edible glitter in your cocktails.

Price: £45

Dates: 21 July, 17 August, 8 September

Book here.

8. Bloom Terrace at OXO Tower

Instagram: @petite

The OXO Tower bar is a lovely spot. It's chilled out yet classy and has beautiful views over the Thames. I always feel like a refined lady of leisure whenever I go there.

Bloom gin has just launched a takeover of the bar, and I didn't think it was possible but it makes me feel even more refined. Everything is floral and very on brand, (the gin has chamomile and honeysuckle in it, hence the name) and you get gin and tonics in pretty glasses with strawberries in it. There are also cocktails with bee pollen and chamomile tea syrup and pea shoots and something called velvet falernum. I can barely pronounce that last one but hot damn does it make me feel sophisticated.

Price: Free entry then all all cocktails are £13

Dates: on continuously until the end of summer

Book here.


9. Dinerama at Shoreditch High street

Instagram: @pelerasheed

From Street Feast (kings of street food pop ups), and full of street food like BirdBox and Smokestak Yum Bun. I don't know what more you need to know. Go, gorge yourselves, and get there before 7pm because they'll charge you £3 entry after then.

Price: Free entry, then £3 entry after 7pm. Food is standard street food prices

Dates: Every Thursday to Sunday

No booking.

10. Thames Lates at London Eye Millennium Pier

Sure, you could go on a leisurely cruise down the Thames on a canal boat. Or, you could get on a goddamn speedboat and live your best life like the daredevil rebel you are. Thames Lates are a sunset cruise down the river, with cocktails from London Cocktail Club. Don't worry, they don't go fast when you're drinking the cocktails.

Price: from £39.50

Dates: on until 17 September

Book here.

11. Le Petite Provence at Drake & Morgan

A provencal-inspired pop up bar that serves lots and lots of wine. The attention to detail here is impressive: they've even hung rosemary and lavender all over the place, in true South of France style.

Price: free entry, then wine starts from £4.75 a glass

Dates: until the end of August

Book here.

12. The Gin Market at Covent Garden

Giles Smith

Portobello Road (gin masters extraordinaire) have just opened a gin pop up bar in Covent Garden. It's the place to be if you love gin, and specifically if you love G&Ts. The premise is simple: choose your own personalised G&T, from true classic serves with juniper berries and pink grapefruit to unusual summer twists done with watermelon, strawberries, basil and starfruit.

Price: £8 to £9 for a G&T depending on your topping choices.

Dates: open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3-10pm until 30th July

No booking.


13. Vermouth On The Roof at Ham Yard Hotel

Ham Yard hotel has the most glorious of rooftop bars. It's suitably private, feels very luxurious, and they have their own herb garden off in a corner, which as we all know, is the height of sophistication. They host various seasonal pop ups there, and this summers is the delightfully-named "Vermouth On The Roof".

There's a menu of eight cocktails, all of which are focused around the produce harvested from the roof-top garden (that herb garden has a use). There's all sorts of deliciously rustic sounding homemade ingredients in them, like Ham Yard's citrus-ade and their ooftop jasmine sugar. And of course, lots of vermouth.

Price: £15 per person which includes an antipasti buffet and a two hour time slot

Dates: until 4 September

Book here.

14. Prawnography at Fish Market

Instagram: @ldnmesschef

I put this in here mainly because of the name and also because I just love seafood so much. Seriously though, that name. Whadda pun.

Prawnography (tee hee) do excellent seafood pop ups, and are currently at Fish Market, which is an excellent seafood restaurant. Together they have made a beautiful seafood brunch baby, which you should go and eat and ok that metaphor just got a bit weird.

Price: any two dishes for £16.50 or any three dishes for £19.50. You can also add unlimited prosecco for £15 a head.

Dates: until 7 August

Book here.

15. Magic Roundabout at Old Street

Instagram: @thomaswbell88

I don't know if Magic Roundabout is *technically* a pop up, but 1. they're very new 2. they host all sorts of parties so that counts and 3. it is run by Burger Bear so they do burgers, and they have a menu by someone called "White Men Can't Jerk" and I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

Also they're on an actual roundabout and you access the venue via a secret staircase which is cool AF.

Price: burgers from £7

Dates: on indefinitely

Book here.

16. Forest On The Roof at Selfridges

Instagram: @pralinepics

You could go to Selfridges to shop. OR you could go to gorge yourself on excellent food and drink at their out-of-the-way rooftop restaurant. Like Ham Yard, they do seasonal pop ups, and having been to a few now I can confirm they are very very good.

The current one is a woodland forest inspired restaurant called that have a beautiful flower-filled archway that you must walk through pretending to be a fairy. That last part is compulsory. You must pretend to be a fairy. You must.

Price: £20 for afternoon tea, small plates from £5.50, mains from £15.50

Dates: all summer

Book here.

17. Notting Hill Cocktail Tea Party at The Little Yellow Door

The Little Yellow Door

Alcoholic infused teas and sandwiches served in a apartment in Notting Hill. Little Yellow Door is a very good bar situated in a London flat, giving it a proper house party feel. They do delightfully wacky things (shots from egg cups, things like that), and their new tea party pop up is no different. Expect party games and various props.

Price: tickets from £25

Dates: every Saturday, 3 to 7pm

Book here.