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17 Morning-After Drinks In London You Need After A Heavy Night

Hair of the dog.

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1. A juice at MUD

Instagram: @mudtooting

An Aussie-style cafe that serves up delicious life-restoring juices alongside their bangin' brunches. I'm going to come out and say it: Aussies do the best brunch in the world. Antipodean brunch is basically regular brunch done with a lot more avocado, fresh veggies and fruit, but with the same levels of bacon and pancakes.

Location: Tooting

2. A drinking vinegar at Raw Duck

Instagram: @raw_duck

"Drinking vinegars" may sound like the latest hipster health trend, but they've been around a long old time – people were drinking it long before juicing was ever a twinkle in a Victoria Secret model's eye. They'll sort out dodgy stomaches, and help put your body back on track after it's been put through the ringer. And they don't taste half bad either.

Price: £3.50

Location: Hackney

3. A B&H Breakfast at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Instagram: @grmccall

B&H do cracking cocktails and cracking food. Put them together and you have a recipe for a cracking brunch. The conservatory-esque feel and indoor plants will make you feel relaxed and soothed, while the Breakfast at B&H cocktail will give you life again with a mix of house cereal, almond milk, honey and a shot of vodka.

Price: £8.50

Location: Farringdon

4. A 3/4 pint smoothie at Milk

Instagram: @rawsey

One of the most achingly trendy brunch spots in Balham, Milk (formerly M1lk) was refurbished last year and came back better than ever. It's bright and breezy and does a range of delicious 3/4 pint smoothies to go with its sweetcorn fritters and baked eggs. All served in highly instagrammable milk bottles, of course.

Price: £3.40

Location: Balham


5. A Super Bloody Mary at Andina

Instagram: @andinalondon

Beautiful Peruvian treats in quietly soothing setting. You'll find superfoods-a-plenty on the menu to help you get back to your best self, and the brightly coloured smoothies are as delicious as they are pretty. But the best hangover cure is the Super Bloody Mary: a Bloody Mary done with tomato, beetroot, red pepper, cucumber, celery-infused pisco, smoked vodka and tiger's milk.

Price: £8

Location: Shoreditch

6. A Kiss On The Beach at Frank's Canteen

Instagram: @lifeofgu

A tiny powerhouse in Islington, Frank's Canteen is small but mighty – as is their menu. You won't find more than a dozen items on the menu at any given time, but in this case it's quality over quantity. Rehydrate with a "Kiss On The Beach" while you refuel, Frank's simple but tasty mix of cranberry and orange juice.

Price: £2.50

Location: Arsenal

7. An omega and avocado smoothie at Megan's

Facebook: megansrestaurant

Kourney Kardashian reputedly relies on the restorative power of "avocado pudding" to make her feel great in the mornings. Megan's avocado and omega smoothie is like that, but 100x tastier (pretty sure Kourney's recipe is just avocados and milk...).

Price: £4.90

Location: Fulham

8. An Aperol Spritz at Sunday

Facebook: sundaybarnsbury

A veritable mecca for brunch lovers, Sunday is widely recognised as giving as good as it gets when it comes to London brunch. Go, work your way through the menu of sourdough, fritters and flatbreads, and wash everything down with multiple Aperol Spritzes.

Price: £7.50

Location: Barnsbury


9. A "Who Needs Yoga" at The Haberdashery

Instagram: @haberdasheryldn

Who does need yoga? Skip the morning contortions and go for this blend of carrot, apple and ginger juice instead – it soothes a funny tummy and has enough vitamins in it to make you feel just as smug after. If smoothies aren't your thing though, I'd go for the raspberry and rose soda jar. It's sparkly and fruity and makes you feel slightly less dead after a night on the town.

Price: £4.25

Location: Crouch End and Stoke Newington

10. A Ben's Breakfast Fizz at Ben's Canteen

Instagram: @benscanteen

Ben's Canteen do some of the best sweetcorn fitters I have *ever* had. In general, I'm a big fan of these guys. They do bloody brilliant drinks (highly recommend the peanut butter and banana shake) and their all day breakfast is a thing of beauty.

If you're after a little hair of the dog though, you can't do better than the Breakfast Fizz. It's essentially just a pimped up Buck's Fizz, with marmalade syrup added to the juice and cava combo.

Price: £5

Location: Battersea and Earlsfield

11. A Pickle Mary at Fink's Salt and Sweet

Instagram: @alice_tate

This lovely little deli do a Bloody Mary with a shot of pickle juice added, and nothing does a better job of giving you a kick up the butt on a hungover morning. If you want something a bit less get up and go, opt for the Quince and Aniseed Spritz; it's softer but still invigorating, thanks to the medicinal aniseed and fizz.

Price: £9

Location: Arsenal

12. An Orchard Fizz at Kopapa

Jonathan Gregson / Via Facebook: kopapa

Kopapa do three things you must have after a night out: divine Turkish Eggs, sweet and sticky Crosstown doughnuts, and their Orchard Fizz. It's a mix of fresh apple, vodka and a little vanilla, all topped with prosecco, and it will make a hungover Sunday suddenly so much more bearable.

Price: £12

Location: Covent Garden


13. A bourbon milkshake at Electric Diner

Instagram: @bambibomb

Sometimes, when you're hanging hard, you just need to give into the cravings. And there's no better way to give in that with a bourbon milkshake at Electric diner. It's thick, sweet and seriously naughty. Just what the doctor ordered.

Price: £9

Location: Notting Hill

14. A Rosy Mimosa at Workshop Coffee

Instagram: @ninafitton

This place is much better known for its coffee – which will definitely help perk you up on a hazy morning – but the Rosy Mimosa is worth forgoing your morning cuppa joe for. It's sparkly, pink and delicious... what more can you ask for?

Price: £7

Location: Clerkenwell

15. A Smokestack Mary at Foxlow

Toby Keane / Via Facebook: FoxlowRestaurants

Foxlow comes from the guys behind the infamous Hawksmoor restaurants (masters of steak, brunch, short rib nuggets, lobster macaroni and pretty much everything else delicious in this world). It's the kind of place that makes you wish you lived next door so you could just go ahead and move in. The Smokestack Mary is the jewel in its brunch crown: done with gin and smoked paprika, it's tangy, smoky, spicy heaven.

Price: £7.75

Location: Stoke Newington

16. A Tunnocks milkshake at No67

Instagram: @scottcaneat

Peckham just keeps getting trendier, and this little brunch spot is one of its many gems. In particular, their lush milkshake made with ice cream and blended Tunnocks caramel wafers. The finest use of the Scottish treat I have ever seen.

Price: £4

Location: Peckham

17. House-infused Aquavit at Snaps + Rye

Instagram: @snapsandrye

A bastion of all things Danish, Snaps + Rye bring the best of Scandinavian flavours to their contemporary eatery. Their house-infused aquavit is proof of that. Try the horseradish version if you want to wake yourself up, or the elderflower version if you want to make life suddenly seem good again.

Price: £4

Location: Westbourne

These drink suggestions were inspired by Laura Herring's new book, London's Best Brunches. Now available for £12.99 here.