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17 Delicious Vietnamese Restaurants You Must Visit


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1. Banh Mi11

Instagram: @smoncrieff

Seriously underrated little Vietnamese place in Old Street. I used to go here for lunch all the time when I worked in the area, and their lunch boxes were consistently some of the best Vietnamese food I've had in London (and as this list will soon establish, I pretty much live off Vietnamese food).

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2. Ho Modern Vietnamese

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

House of Ho was set up by a man called Bobby Chinn, who, from what I can tell, is Vietnam's Jamie Oliver, but with less olive oil. Now with a new flagship in Fitzrovia, the restaurant is running solo but is still just as good. The food strikes just the right balance of feeling like something special without being inaccessible – they do tons of regular offers and discounts (e.g. their current February menu), so if you're pinching pennies keep an eye out.

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3. Com Viet

Instagram: @swagaiko

This place doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it's lovely. Cosy booths, friendly staff, tasty food, and a killer £10 set lunch menu, which, for Covent Garden (the tourist mecca of London) is pretty damn good.

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4. Banh Mi Bay

Facebook / Via Facebook: BanhMiBay

Does what it says on the tin. This place specialises in banh mi (which they helped make "a thing" in London), done speedily and deliciously. They've got locations all over central London too, so you can be reassured you're never too far from a decent banh mi. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

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5. Saigon Saigon

Facebook / Via Facebook:

Saigon Saigon is based in west London, which is sadly lacking in Vietnamese joints (it's getting better, but it's still no Pho Mile), making it something of an oasis. The decor is cool and relaxing, the food will revitalise you, and the 20% discount off the menu on Mondays and Tuesdays will make you wonder if you're hallucinating... I might be taking this oasis metaphor too far. Go, and make sure you try the betel la lot, the stewed pork with quails' eggs, and the spring rolls.

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6. Cay Tre

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

Cay Tre is a lot more swish than anything you'll find on Shoreditch's Pho Mile. The interiors are modern and slick. The small plates are classics done just that little more unusually. It's pricey (hello gentrification), but worth going. Just make sure you're not wasting your money on anything other than the stunning grilled piggy aubergine, sweet potato shrimp fritters, and duck-stuffed squid.

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7. Pho & Bun

Facebook / Via Facebook: PhoandBun

You know a cuisine has taken off in London when the trendy fusion joints start popping up all over the place. Pho & Bun is the best of the bunch, mainly because the quality of their classic pho isn't compromised by the trendiness of the "bun" addition. The steam buns are worth trying too – they manage to successfully fuse burgers with Vietnamese flavours, which I didn't think would be possible. Snaps for them.

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8. Mien Tay

Instagram: @stephaniechan14

My absolute favourite Vietnamese restaurant in London. I once had a Vietnamese dish called bun bo in Paris (home to the *best* Vietnamese food in Europe, IMO), and it's been my favourite Vietnamese meal since. Mien Tay is the only place I've found that does this dish up to the same standard. It's crispy "nems" (spring rolls) with some kind of delicious meat, noodles, and a sauce that tastes like angel's tears. On their menu it's called Bún chả giò nem nướng. It's the best thing ever, and you need to try it.

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9. Whaam Banh Mi

Gwc1983 / Via Facebook: whaambanhmi

These guys deliver really good banh mi all over London from their stall in Soho, so either go there directly or convince your bosses that regular banh mi deliveries are essential for company morale (they are). The caramelised ginger chicken one is my favourite, but I've seen people pulling foodgasm faces over all the fillings.

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10. City Càphê

Facebook / Via Facebook: CityCaphe

Not a spot for a sit-down dinner, but if you want a quick fix, this is the best place for it. The food is fuss-free and tasty, and not too pricey. Don't be scared of the mammoth queue at lunchtime: It disappears quickly and is a sign of how good this place is.

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11. Pho

Paul Winch-Furness / Via Facebook: PhoRestaurant

This is like the Vietnamese answer to Busaba Eathai: a Vietnamese chain that's managed to keep its food and atmosphere consistently up to scratch, despite now having locations all over the UK. There are dishes other than pho on the menu, but really you should order the namesake – big steaming bowls of delicious noodle soup. Even if you avoid chains, try this place. I think there's a certain comfort knowing that no matter what Pho you step into, you know exactly what you're getting.

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12. Sông Quê Café

Instagram: @muji_bb

Kingsland Road is a hub of Vietnamese food, and Song Que has consistently been the best of the bunch for years. The food is as authentic as you're gonna get in the UK, short of going for dinner with a Vietnamese family. Really though, the food is SO good. Lots of people claim the pho is the best in London (it's the best I've had) and the rest of the menu is just as tasty.

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13. Keu

Facebook / Via Facebook: HiVietKitchen

A little Vietnamese cafe from the group behind Cay Tre. The secret to this place is the incredible bread – I don't know if you love bread as much as I do (I don't know if anyone loves bread as much as I do), but hot damn, the bread they use for their banh mi is hella good. It's got great fillings and stuff inside it, but honestly, I could eat the baguette on its own and be happy.

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14. Ngon Ngon

Instagram: @jose_lautrec_63

A tiny little Vietnamese spot in Clerkenwell. They do all the usual classics, then a range of delicious stir-fries and a really decent chicken satay. The lunchtime rush is always quite big, but they've just started opening for dinner too, so it might be worth stopping by for a post-work pho and one of their Vietnamese coffees.

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15. Cafe East

Rick Foulsham / Via Facebook: cafeeastvietnamesehomecooking

Hard to find, as it's hidden in a car park of all places, but worth seeking out. It looks a bit like a canteen, but bloody hell is the food great. It's minimalistic, with very little decor and big high tables, but for me that's part of the charm (as are the low prices). Boozehounds beware though: They only serve soft drinks, so bring your own flask for emergency spiking.

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16. Velo

Facebook / Via Facebook: velorestaurant

The most high-tech Vietnamese restaurant on the block – they're one of the first places I can remember that had touchscreen ordering. I'm fully obsessed with their spring rolls. Honestly, I've never had better, and I consume spring rolls by the hundred. Order the maximum amount you can, then eat them by yourself because people will ask you for one and it's awkward when you scream "no, they're all mine" Gollum-style.

17. MoBa

Instagram: @mobalondon

A "Franco-Vietnamese" cafe. I love Moba's quirky takes on the traditional banh mi. The baguettes they use are more artisanal (think chewier and denser) and they come in flavours like matcha and sesame, and the mysterious baguette that's just named "black".

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