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    Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over This London Café’s Stacked Crêpe Cakes

    Japanese mille crêpe cake is officially available in London.

    We all know French patisserie is the bomb. But did you know Japanese patisserie is just as good?

    Especially the mille crêpe cake: layers of French crêpes piled up with custard cream. 100% worth an 11-hour flight tbh.

    Japanese mille crêpes are now causing a stir in London, thanks to Kova Patisserie.

    The cakes come in vanilla, chocolate, and fruit flavours. But we all know the best flavour is matcha.

    The crêpe cake costs £5.50 a slice or £42 for a whole cake.

    As well as crêpe cakes, there's a whole menu of delicious Asian patisserie, like matcha tiramisu!

    And matcha cake roll!

    Be sure to wash down your cake with a cup of steaming hot tea latte, topped with super cute latte art.

    Plus, they stay open until 9:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some cake.

    Find out more about Kova Patisserie here.