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    21 Ways To Pamper Yourself This Winter

    Pimp your winter.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. These knitted coffee cup sleeves.

    By Nevada Knits, £19.92.

    2. This Holly Golightly sleeping mask.

    By Evesa Design, £14.63.

    3. These Himalayan bath salts.

    4. These sweet sugar doilies.

    By Sweet Marve Lace, £13.68.

    5. This gorgeous bathtub caddy.

    By Peg and Awl, £120.33.

    6. These seriously pretty matches.

    By Bonlux, £1.50.

    7. These twinkling fairy lights.

    By Naja Konica San, £23.30.

    8. This deliciously smoky candle.

    By Urban Chaos USA, £14.94.

    9. These fingerless gloves.

    By Beyazdukkan, £16.51.

    10. This toasty knitted blanket.

    By Wool Art Design, £50.91.

    11. This warming rose bath soak.

    By Aydry, £19.92.

    12. This knitted hot water bottle cover.

    13. This winter skin balm.

    14. These thick winter socks.

    15. This tea sampler set.

    By Artful Tea, £7.84.

    16. These egg cosies.

    17. These delightful bath melts.

    18. This mermaid blanket.

    19. This rich-smelling candle.

    By Pommes Frites, £14.94.

    20. These charming winter scarves.

    21. This cosy lantern.