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    23 Low-Alcohol Drinks To Order Instead Of Hard Liquor

    Delicious drinks without the hangover.

    Hard liquor can be a lotta fun. But it can be good to have a little break sometimes.

    If you want to ease off the booze, but don't want to go teetotal for the night, low-ABV drinks are your guy.

    We asked a bunch of bartenders and industry experts for their best low-ABV drinks to get started on.

    1. An Americano.

    2. A spiked Arnold Palmer.

    3. An alternative G&T.

    4. An Addington.

    5. Campari and soda.

    6. Ginger ale and vermouth.

    7. A Bellini.

    8. A lemon lime bitters.

    9. A low-ABV Gin Fizz.

    10. A Spritz.

    11. Sangria.

    12. A Sherry Woo Woo.

    13. A Kalimotxo.

    14. A Michelada.

    15. Elderflower and Prosecco.

    16. An Aperol Sour.

    17. Byrrh and bitter lemon.

    18. A Sgroppino.

    19. Fernet and coke.

    20. OJ & Campari.

    21. A Port Flip.

    22. A Sherry Cobbler.

    23. A Diplomat.

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