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    21 Rooftop Bars In London You Need To Drink At Before You Die

    Best views in the city.

    1. Kensington Roof Gardens

    2. Sky Lounge

    Facebook: SkyloungeLondon

    The drinks here aren't cheap, but that's to be expected with most rooftop bars – there's always a premium for the view (the view here is a particularly great one). It's minimum £6 for a beer, and £6.50 for a glass of wine.

    I'd skip both and just go for one of the £12-a-pop cocktails. Sure, they're double the price, but they're also genuinely delicious, and in my mind it's far less ridiculous than paying £6 for a bottle of Heineken.

    Nearest station: Fenchurch Street

    3. Rooftop Film Club

    Classic films screened on the rooftops of some of London's most famous buildings – more than a few of the locations these guys use are listed elsewhere on this list. Every screening always has a bar on hand, as well as food. If you want to make the absolute most out of your rooftop bar visit, you must definitely book into a screening.

    Nearest station: Various

    4. Queen of Hoxton

    Facebook: thequeenofhoxton

    The Queen of Hoxton is year-round rooftop delight. In winter they have a cosy teepee with hot buttered rum, roaring fires and s'mores. In summer it's a sunshine-y playground-themed delight. They even have a BBQ.

    Nearest Station: Shoreditch High Street

    5. Gong

    6. Coq D'Argent

    Thomas Alexander / Via Facebook: Coqdargent

    A stunning bar high up above the city. For a rooftop bar, this is one of the more spacious ones – there's a huge open green out front, and tons of tables running throughout the terrace space within. Magically, while there's a lot of space, this place still feels like a little private world. I'm super into it.

    Nearest station: Bank

    7. Gardening Society

    John Lewis has a garden rooftop bar. They've covered it in flowers and herbs and green things, and as well as cocktails there are pop up restaurants and occasional yoga classes. AND IT'S ONLY OPEN UNTIL SEPTEMBER GUYS, GO NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

    Nearest station: Oxford Circus

    8. Franks Cafe

    9. Faltering Fulback

    Faultering Fulback
    Faultering Fulback

    This big local pub has a hell of a beer garden. Just look at it, it's so pretty with all its leafiness and oaky tones. Plus there's so many secret little spaces in it, as well as multi-layered terraces, that you'll always find a seat.

    Nearest station: Finsbury Park.

    10. Bussey Building

    11. Dalston Roof Park

    Dalston Roof Park
    Dalston Roof Park

    Craft beer and deck chairs in the sun. What's not to love? There's also tons of really good food on offer: in true east end spirit, there's rotating foodie pop ups in residency here. Currently you'll find burgers, including the Mac The Ripper: "truffled mac and cheese, deep fried, in a bun." FUCK. YES.

    Nearest station: Dalston Kingsland

    12. Mr Fogg's Botanical Garden

    Mr Fogg's
    Mr Fogg's

    Mr Fogg's west end residence has the most genteel of drinking terraces: a Hendrick's Botanical Garden. The elevated terrace will put you up where the fresh air is, while the oh-so-dainty Victorian-inspired decor and cocktails will make you feel like you're in a novel.

    Nearest station: Green Park

    13. Radio

    Radio is very expensive and very over-subscribed – definitely book if you want to get in, being turned away from this place is very upsetting. The hype that draws the crowds and justifies the cost is worth it though: the cocktails are strong and the panoramic views of London truly spectacular.

    Nearest station: Temple

    14. Big Chill House

    15. The Culpeper

    16. Ace Hotel

    17. Sky Garden

    Three floors of gardens, all with the most incredible views of London. Ok, it's not technically a bar. But there is a bar in there, so you can have a cocktail or two while you wander. It counts.

    Nearest station: Monument

    18. Ham Yard Hotel

    19. The Boundary

    Facebook: boundaryproject

    This roof top terrace is just so dreamy. The food here is great, as are the drinks (if it's chilly, order a hot negroni), and the setting is straight out of your most romantic rooftop fantasies.

    You will most likely have to wait for a table, but there's no time limit once you're in, so you're free to set up camp for a full evening of drinking and eating.

    Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street

    20. Oxo Tower

    21. Sushi Samba

    Sushi Samba's 38th floor rooftop bar attracts city folk like honey attracts flies. I don't know what it is about being up high. People in suits just love it. Rubbing elbows with the moneyed young things is part of the charm of this place though, and even if it wasn't, the views and cocktails are still worth coming for. Both are seriously good.

    Nearest station: Liverpool Street

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