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24 Little Surprise Presents To Get For Your Sister

Just because.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. These matching temporary tattoos to terrify your parents with.

2. This morse code bracelet because you've always had your own secret language.

3. This portable charger so she can always stay in touch with you.

4. This hairbrush so she'll stop stealing yours.

5. This set of hair ties so she'll STOP. STEALING. YOURS.

6. These personalised bar necklaces for elegant yet secretly mushy sisters.

7. This too-cute-for-words lip balm set to share.

8. These long distance mugs for sisters that are far away but still with you.

9. This pair of hair chalks to share.

10. This sassy hip flask for all her hard drinking.

11. This colouring in card that will make you both nostalgic.

12. This little gift soap to remind her what she is.

13. This bath soak for sisters that deserve some me time.

14. This Lego set for throwback fun.

15. This pin to warn off any unwanted intruders to her girl club.

16. This set of sheet masks for your next home facial session.

17. This copy of 52 Things To Do While you Poo for sisters that love being a bit gross.

18. This sweatshirt inscribed with your motto.

19. This affectionate phone case because you love her anyway.

20. This Scandal Queen mascara that is as dramatic as she is.

21. This scratch off world map to mark all the places you've been (and all the places you're going).

22. This curry subscription so you can make her cook for you.

23. This calming body butter for when she's being a bit grumpy.

24. This notebook to help her get organised and achieve all her dreams.