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    Posted on Dec 30, 2015

    17 Cheese Toasties You Must Eat In London


    1. The Cheese Truck

    Facebook / Via Facebook: thecheesetruck

    If the name didn't grab you, the grilled cheese will. The truck is basically an homage to all things British cheese, so inside you'll find fondue fries (YES), stilton and dark chocolate brownies (err, maybe) and glorious, glorious grilled cheese sandwiches. I mean come on. Just look at it.

    Location: All over London

    2. Kappacasein

    Rosie Tulips / Via Flickr: rosietulips

    This is a dairy that had the GENIUS idea of selling its cheese melted inside toasted sandwiches. Yes Kappacasein Dairy. YES.

    Location: London Bridge

    3. Melt Room

    4. Loves Company

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @PetiteBlondine

    A proper cocktail bar that knows the only right and good bar food is cheese toasties. They've also named them in highly amusing ways, like the Cheesus of Nazareth and the Crustin Bieber. Gotta love a cheese pun.

    Location: Old Street

    5. Grill My Cheese

    6. Deeney's

    Facebook / Via Facebook: deeneys

    Any Scots missing their roots should head to Deeney's who make a gorgeous haggis cheese toastie. In fact, even if you're not Scottish, go eat it because it will give you a paradigm shift about haggis of Justin Bieber-esque proportions.

    Location: Broadway Market on Saturdays, but also all over London.

    7. Morty and Bob's

    Facebook / Via Facebook: mortyandbobs

    Three cheese blend mixed with a secret cheese sauce (so good I could fully imagine a Bond villain trying to steal it) oozing out from two slices of sourdough and served with pickles. Well done Morty and Bob. Well bloody done.

    Location: London Fields

    8. Duck and Waffle

    Facebook / Via Facebook: duckandwaffle

    The fanciest toastie ever, Duck and Waffle does an ox cheek grilled cheese sandwich, complete with onion jam, sriracha sauce, a fried (organic) egg and incredible skyline views.

    Location: Liverpool Street

    9. Lundenwic

    10. The Frenchie

    Facebook / Via Facebook: The

    If you haven't tried Raclette, you haven't lived. It's basically a french cheese that's melted over things like potatoes and bacon. And in the case of this Camden Market stall, put between two slices of sourdough and toasted, just the way God intended.

    Location: Camden

    11. Ye Olde Mitre Tavern

    12. Sager + Wilde

    13. Canton Arms

    Ewan Munro / Via Flickr: 55935853@N00

    Fois gras toastie anyone? If you like the ~finer~ things in life, this is the toastie for you.

    Location: Stockwell

    14. The Gun

    15. Pistachio & Pickle

    16. Frank’s Café

    17. The Waiting Room


    Kappacasein sell cheese toasties on a Saturday. An earlier version of this article said they didn't.

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