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21 Places In London You Can Eat Lunch For Under A Tenner

Soggy sandwiches not welcome.

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1. J+A Cafe

Instagram: @cclerkenwell

A home away from home, J+A Cafe is a little slice of your mum's house. It's located in the ground floor of a diamond-cutting factory (fitting because this place is a hidden diamond. Get it? Get.. oh never mind), and the food has a strong slant towards Irish nosh, done with good quality ingredients. Which is why the salads and pies veer towards the pricey end of the spectrum – grab a bowl of their soup of the day instead. It's warming, comes with freshly baked soda bread and is a much better price.

Price: £6.50 for soup of the day

Location: Clerkenwell

2. Craft London

Instagram: @craftldn

Craft is new on the London food scene, and it's a stunner. The interiors are swish, the food terribly good, and sadly for us broke folks, the prices reflect that. The best way to get around it? With their £10 lunch menu, that will get you a coffee, main course and slice of cake. The dishes change every day, so you'll just have to go every day to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

Price: £10

Location: Greenwich

3. Kastner & Ovens

My absolute favourite lunch spot in London. They do ~delicious~ home-cooked food that changes every day, and you can fill a box with salad and hot food for a fiver. Think fish pie, beef stews and some of the most gorgeous onion soup I've ever had. The desserts are also amazing, with hands down London's best banoffee pie. Also, shout out to Justin, who works there and is possibly the nicest man ever.

Price: £5

Location: Covent Garden


4. Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

Sandwiches are so passé. You deserve better than two slices of flimsy bread. You deserve a goddamn loaf stuffed with pulled pork. Or pulled chicken. Or BBQ meatballs. So go to Bunny Chow and get one of theirs, bring it back to your office and prepare to gain everyone's respect. "Oh they eat stuffed loaves for lunch? They must be a big deal." Damn straight.

Price: £6

Location: Soho

5. Hook Camden

Martina O'shea / Via

Quite possibly the best fish and chips you will ever have. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my local chippie, but come on. Look at the crispy coating on that piece of fish. The golden hue of the wedges. It's poetry in fishy motion. And ok, yeah, its £10 for fish and chips here which is a bit more than average, but it's still an upgraded Friday treat that won't break the bank.

Price: £10

Location: Camden

6. Nusa Kitchen

Facebook / Via Facebook: NusaKitchen

Soup is the fuel of winter. And Nusa has some of the best in London. Inspired by the owner's childhood in Singapore and the soups she used to have in her school tuck shop (my tuck shop never had soup and I feel cheated), you'll find Jamaican jerk chicken soup, Thai chilli tofu broth, Catalan chickpea and chorizo soup, and more here.

Price: Soups range from £3.95 to £6.95

Location: Old Street, Cannon Street and Liverpool Street

7. Bamboula Kitchen

If you're looking for Caribbean fare, Bamboula is hard to beat. The little green and yellow building looks unassuming, but the food is tasty and oh-so-reasonably-priced. You can get soup of the day or a plate of callaloo for just £2.70, while a quarter jerk chicken will cost you just £3.95. Bargain. If you're feeling naughty, a £3.90 portion of the bread and butter pudding is worth it – mainly because there's a lot of rum in it.

Price: from £2.70

Location: Brixton


8. Brindisa's Chorizo Grill

Facebook / Via Facebook: Brindisa

Go to Borough Market and ignore all the exotic, overpriced burgers. Instead, make your way straight to Brindisa (don't be distracted by Bread Ahead, you can go back for doughnuts later) and find the little chorizo grill just outside the shop. Then, order a chorizo burger. I last had one of these stood on a rainy street corner, dying of a hangover. By the time i'd got the last of the grease off my chin and fingers, I felt alive again.

Price: £4.95

Location: Borough

9. Koshari Street

Instagram: @hayaalkuwari

Koshari is a gorgeous vegetarian dish from Egypt, that Koshari Street is making happen in the UK. Unlike Gretchen and fetch, they're actually succeeding. Probably because it involves putting spoonfuls of lentils, rice and vermicelli, topped with a spicy tomato sauce, chickpeas and caramelized onions, into your mouth.

Price: £3.50, £4.50 or £6.50, depending on the pot size

Location: Leicester Square

10. Velo

Facebook / Via Facebook: velorestaurant

When I worked in London Bridge, I pretty much only ever ate at Velo. It's SO high-tech (they had touch screen ordering before it was a thing), and also SO good. The fried spring rolls are crispy bites of pure joy (order more than you think you need, trust me on this), and the lemongrass chicken is insanely tasty. All of it's pretty amazing to be honest – I worked my way through the whole menu across the space of a summer, I should know.

Price: £4.30 - 8.80 for a main dish.

Location: London Bridge

11. Homeslice

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

I fully believe this is the best pizza in London. I loathe mushrooms to the point that I used to tell people I'm allergic (sorry) so I could guarantee none found their way onto my plate, but I have happily chomped down a mushroom-laden slice of pizza from Homeslice. It's that good. Go at 12pm to avoid the *horrific* queues (turns out I'm not the only fan) and either grab a £4 slice, or pay £20 for a pizza big enough to wrap around yourself like a blanket.

Price: £4

Location: Fitzrovia, Covent Garden and Shoreditch


12. Melt Room

Facebook / Via Facebook: MeltRoomLDN

Cheese toasties are always a good call for lunch (if you want a full run down of the best in London, go here). Melt Room is in a league of its own though, partly because they do a regular cheese toastie that doesn't make you feel sick by the end of it, and partly because they now do the best cheese fries I have ever had in my life. Please go order the fries, because the thought that there's people who haven't experienced them makes me really sad.

Price: £4

Location: Soho

13. Battersea Pie Station

Tripadvisor / Via

Don't worry, this pie shop isn't actually all the way out in Battersea. It's smack bang in central London, so if you work central, hurrah, you've won the jackpot and are close to the best pies in London (in my opinion, but my opinion is gold, so there). All the pies are ridiculously good, but if you're starting out, order the steak and Meantime stout pie. It's a corker.

Price: £4 - £5.50

Location: Covent Garden

14. The Kati Roll Company

Instagram: @uclfoodie

Introducing the Kati Roll, a.k.a the roll that is going to make you never want any other kind of wrap again. They're made by wrapping warm paratha (Indian flat bread) around marinated meats, cheeses and vegetables, and I can confirm they taste bloody brilliant. The paneer one is my favourite, because hello cheese, but really, they're all great.

Price: £2.95 - £5.20 for a roll

Location: Soho

15. Shoryu Go

Facebook / Via Facebook: ShoryuRamen

Ok, I'm going to level with you. I have eaten a hell of a lot of ramen. Frankly, an unhealthy amount. And I can confirm the top spot is a toss up between Shoryu and Tonkotsu. Tonkotsu probably JUST wins because their Soho ramen is like noodles in the tears of angels, *but* Shoryu has a takeaway service, and that means I get to have lunch ramen and lunch ramen is the best gift you can give someone.

Price: £9.90

Location: Soho


16. The Potato Project

Facebook / Via Facebook: thepotatoprojectsoho

Affectionately known within Buzzfeed HQ as "the potato palace", because this is where you go to get ALL THE POTATO. What they serve here are baked potatoes, but the best baked potatoes ever because they're topped with things like raclette and roast artichoke, and shepherd’s pie ragu and salted ricotta, and ACTUAL ALL DAY BREAKFAST. Three guesses which one I'm most excited about.

Price: £3.75 - £5.25

Location: Soho

17. The Begging Bowl

Packard Stevens / Via Facebook: TheBeggingBowl

This is kind of like a Thai version of Yo Sushi, but 1000x better. I mean, they have coloured plates that are different prices, but this is a gorgeous, independent restaurant. So it's kind of like the best of both worlds. Highly recommend both the green papaya salad, and the fish cakes.

Price: dishes start from £6.25

Location: Peckham

18. Ethos

A vegetarian restaurant where you won't miss meat (sounds impossible, but they manage it). The lunch menu is a range of different treats you can eat in or takeaway, and it's priced in a really innovative way – by the gram. So you can order as much or as little as your budget allows.

Price: £2.60 per 100g

Location: Tottenham Court Road

19. Snackistan at Persepolis


This cafe is kind of mad, and also kind of brilliant. It's doesn't take itself too seriously, and I can get on board with that, as I too like to use my "sense of humour" liberally too (puns. Just so many puns). They serve really tasty, well-priced Persian food – you can get a mezze for one for just £2.75 – and a number of really quite thrilling things, like Persian tea with cardamom and turkish delight sundaes.

Price: From £2.75

Location: Peckham

20. K-10


The ultimate conundrum. You like sushi. But you have no money. Cheap sushi doesn't taste good. Good sushi makes your wallet want to curl up into a ball and weep. The answer is K-10, who do properly decent sushi for properly decent prices. Go grab one of their takeaway sushi sets, or if you want to treat yourself, sit inside the restaurant and feel very fancy indeed.

Price: hot dishes from £6.50, sushi and sashimi sets from £4.50

Location: Broadgate, Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street

21. Arancini Brothers

Instagram: @jezzingtonbear

Do you street food? If you street food, you must know Arancini Brothers. If not, you're not street-fooding properly. They do Arancini, which are little balls of deep fried risotto, and they're so bloody good it's unreal. They do wraps and burgers and salads with them in now too, but honestly, nothing's better than the original: five piping hot balls dipped in garlic mayo.

Price: £3.50 for five arancini balls

Location: Kentish Town, Dalston Junction, Old Street