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    11 Little Things To Put A Smile On Your Face This Week

    Just a little bit of light in all this dark.

    The world is a little bit overwhelming at the minute.

    This is me every morning thinking about the news.

    So, here's a bunch of things to remind you there's still good things happening out there.

    Who knows, maybe they'll even make you crack a smile.

    1. These kangaroo babies that are up past their bedtime.

    There is honestly no point in doing anything but this guy's job.

    2. That the Rose of Tralee happened this week.

    View this video on YouTube

    The Rose of Tralee, aka Ireland's premiere beauty pageant, was on this week. It is always GLORIOUS but my favourite ever RoT moment will always be contestant Siobheal Nic Eochaidh doing "a hip hop dance". Look at her. She's not wearing shoes. She's in a full length glittery gown. And she's living her best damn life. YOU DO YOU SIOBHEAL, YOU DO YOU.

    In second place is the lovely Edwina Guckian of Lewtrim's brush and barrel dance which is also delightful.

    3. This mesmerising dance.

    Who made this, i just want to talk.

    Twitter: @Michaelxbaker

    Read more here.

    4. That Sir Nils Olav has once again been honoured.

    Facebook: video.php

    Just a hardworking penguin working his way up one step at a time.

    5. The fact you can make this chocolate and strawberry tart.

    Facebook: video.php

    Get in my mouth you joyous thing.

    6. That "The Great British Bake Off" started this week.

    Mary: "So what's this cake?" "It's literally just a pint of gin" Mary:"THIS COMPETITION IS OVER" #GBBO

    If you don't know: GBBO is a show literally just about people baking cakes and how many cake-themed puns Sue Perkins can get away with.

    7. This new supervillain of dreams.

    You guys I have a new favorite supervillain

    My new role model.

    8. These two best buddies.


    View this video on YouTube

    And we now have this beautiful video.

    10. This little girl experiencing rain for the first time.


    11. This Instagram account dedicated solely to Chowder the dog.

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