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14 Incredible Things To Do In The UK This Summer

Including bubble domes in Northern Ireland, a sea tractor in Devon, and the world's smallest solar powered cinema!

1. If you're missing Italy, don't worry, there's a village that's a dead ringer for the Cinque Terre right here in Wales that you can stay in.

Edward Haylan / Getty Images/iStockphoto

 Sir Clough Williams-Ellis purchased the plot of land Portmeirion Village sits on in 1925 and transformed it into a miniature Italianate fantasy village. The pastel-hued buildings range in style from Arts & Crafts to Classical to Baroque, and featured as the setting of the1960s British TV cult classic “The Prisoner". You can day trip or even stay in a village building overnight! 

Price: free to visit, prices of holiday stays available at

2. You can wander through, picnic in, and stage elaborate photoshoots in the many gloriously perfumed lavender fields all over the UK.

3. Did you know you can travel across to an art deco island on a sea tractor in Devon? Well you can and it's ~amazing~.

Burgh Island

Designed in 1969 by Robert Jackson CBE in exchange for a case of champagne, this incredible contraption departs at high tide each day from Bigbury-on-Sea beach in South Devon. It transports passengers across to Burgh Island, which is home to pub, a hotel that's been welcoming guests since 1929, and plenty of Agatha Christie connections. The writer wrote two novels on the island, and guests can stay in her former 1930s writers retreat too.

Price: £2 to ride the sea tractor.

4. When the sun is out in the UK, there's no more idyllic way to spend a morning than fly fishing for river trout in Sussex.

Emma Cooke

Chalk Springs is a fishery near Arundel in the South Downs National Park that gives access to one of the most ridiculously clear waters I have ever seen in my *life*. It has four lakes full of rainbow and brown trout all fed by natural spring water, and tickets are sold based on how many fish you want to catch! It's especially good for beginners as the water is so clear it's easy to see where to aim your bait.

Price: from £36 for a two fish ticket.

5. Wandering around the Georgian streets of Bath in the sunshine is always delightful but the Roman Baths are an absolute highlight.

6. Cycling through Mourne, an amazing area in County Down that's both coastal and mountainous, is made all the better when it's combined with a food tour.

Sara_winter / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mourne in Northern Ireland famously helped inspire C.S Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series and you can see its highlights on a self-guided Mourne Foods & Films Cycle Tour. The trip takes you through some of the area's most delicious local produce, its most famous filming locations, and culminates in a honey-themed afternoon tea.

Price: From £49.95.

7. Go to the Peak District and you'll be able to meet some South American camelids, AKA alpacas!! These friendly mammals will even accompany you on a walk around the surrounding countryside.

Brackenfield Alpacas

There are plenty of places you can meet alpacas across the UK, but Brackenfield Alpacas is one of the best. The farm is located amongst the beautiful Derbyshire hills, is home to Prince and his best friend Benjamin, and allows visitors to go on 'alpaca treks' around the farm with a fluffy camelid companion beside you.

Price: £25 for an alpaca trek.

8. There's a spa in Berkshire that has five pools, including multiple dreamy outdoor pools, and is well-priced to boot!

Nirvana Spa / Via

The Nirvana Spa has spa days that start from just £50! The facilities include five pools filled with natural mineral water drawn from a nearby spring: a hydrotherapy pool, two indoor pools, a spa garden pool with sun loungers, and a large outdoor 'Roman' pool. 

Price: from £50 for three hours access.

9. Or you can see another kind of magical pool in Scotland, at the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye.

Aumphotography / Getty Images/iStockphoto

These otherworldly looking waterfalls are located near Carbost and are accessible only via a hike through a forest, which only makes reaching the natural swimming holes all the more rewarding – the water is icy cold, so taking a careful dip is only advisable in summer. On sunny days the water is bright turquoise and so clear you can see the stones lining the bottom.

10. The world's smallest solar powered cinema was born in Ceredigion and now travels Wales and the wider UK screening movies to anyone clever enough to find it.

Sol Cinema

The cinema is inside a 1960s-era travel trailer and can host groups of eight at a time. They're next scheduled to appear in Yorkshire as part of the Musicport festival in Whitby. 

Price: They're booked as part of events, so are always free to audience members!

11. The sight of Northumberland's island of Lindisfarne and its majestic priory stood against the sea horizon is stunning enough in summer, but you can also enjoy it with a glass of honey wine in hand!

Daverhead / Getty Images/iStockphoto

You've likely heard of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, a tidal island off the coast of Northumberland. It was home to Cuthbert, the most important saint in northern England in the Middle Ages, and was famously raided by vikings. But did you know you can also drink one of England's most unique tipples there? St.Aidan's Winery crafts Lindisfarne Mead on the Holy Island, a unique fortified wine made with local honey, white grapes, herbs, and water from the island's artesian well.

Price: You can try a sample for free if you visit the winery showroom and bottles cost from £8.40.

12. The UK is riddled with beautiful lidos and public pools, but the most spectacular is in Plymouth.

Mattstansfield / Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Grade II-listed Tinside Lido in Plymouth was built in 1935 in art deco style and overlooks the sea, appearing as if it's carved into the coastline itself. It's only open in summer and is filled with natural saltwater. It's also fully accessible, has a sun deck to lounge on, and they've frozen their prices since last summer, so it's only £5 to enter!

Price: £5 for an adult, £4 for a child or senior

13. These bubble domes in County Fermanagh are probably the most luxurious way to see the night skies in Northern Ireland.

Finn Lough

Finn Lough is a spectacular luxury retreat in Northern Ireland that has bubble domes allowing you to sleep under the stars in absolute comfort – the premium ones even come with a bathtub, so you can soak under them too. There's also a natural, self-guided, and totally private spa, which includes a Finnish sauna overlooking a lake you can swim in and a hot tub elevated above the surrounding forest.

Price: £85 for a day spa, from £295 for an overnight stay in the bubble dome

14. Imagine yourself bobbing along a ridiculously scenic canal on a canal boat, sun dappling the water, breeze rippling the tree leaves. You can do just that in Lancaster.

Kingfisher Cruises

The Lancaster Canal is one of the most beautiful to have joined the UK's netword via the Ribble Link. Originally built to carry cargo between Kendall and Preston, it gives views of the Silverdale coast, Forest of Bowland and undulating countryside of Wyre. Kingfisher Cruises run day cruises down the canal on a boat that quite frankly has no business being as charming as it is. 

Price: from £7.50.

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