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    17 Easy Little Ways To Improve Your Phone Photography

    Because who says you need a big fancy camera?

    Photography is great fun. But carrying round a bulky camera can be pretty impractical.

    But here's a secret... you don't really need all the gizmos and doodahs, because the camera on your smartphone will do just fine!

    So here's a bunch of tips to help you make the most of your phone camera!

    1. Try out different lenses on your camera for different effects, like Magniband, OlloClip or Moment.

    2. Soft natural light is always the best light to shoot in.

    3. Use a separate torch instead of your phone flash to downlight in low-lighting.

    4. Or use the torch to create interesting effects.

    5. Make sure your exposure is right.

    6. Use FaceTune to edit your images.

    7. To get rid of unwanted background objects on FaceTune, you need the "Tones" and "Smooth" function.

    Before vs After:

    8. To create depth of field on FaceTune, use the "Detail" and "Smooth" functions.

    Before vs After:

    9. Abide by the rule of thirds.

    10. Symmetry is also great.

    11. Or get dead centre.

    12. Don't zoom in when you take a picture – crop it afterwards instead.

    13. For food shots, avoid a background that's the same colour as your subject.

    14. Don't filter your images.

    Before vs After:

    15. Use your earphone volume buttons as a shutter.

    16. For added fun, check out Burzt, Slow Shutter or Boomerang!

    17. Have fun!