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    If You Can Resist Adding These 24 Items To Your Basket Then You're A Stronger Person Than I Am

    Time to test your willpower.

    1. This viral TikTok mascara that promises to volumise and lengthen lashes with a lightweight, highly pigmented formula.

    2. This set of excessively cute watering bulbs, because no matter how many calendar reminders I set I still forget to water my plants.

    3. These silicone trays that make big square ice cubes. I already own them and have also bought them for no less than two friends because we all deserve to have ~fancy~ ice.

    4. This bottle of super effective bug spray, because mosquitos are a nightmare at this time of year.

    5. This facial roller and gua sha set that helps skincare absorb more easily, is known to tighten skin (hello defined jawline), and just looks so pretty.

    6. This portable fan for when it's hot and muggy. It's rechargeable, easy to carry, and surprisingly powerful!

    7. This grout cleaner that reviewers swear has made their grout look brand new again.

    8. These mini Nutella jars because always having emergency Nutella available seems like a really sensible idea.

    9. These silicone gap fillers that stop food and sticky spills from going down the sides of ovens, washing machines, or any annoying gaps between countertops.

    10. These plug timer sockets that make switching off appliances and chargers much easier and practically pay for themselves with the money they save you.

    11. This magic lumbar correcting pad because £7.99 is a small price to pay to fix my sad, hunched over back. It's sturdy but lightweight and has three different levels for massaging and treating backs worn out from sitting at a desk all day.

    12. These scented sachets that repel moths, because I am sick of finding tiny holes in my clothes. They also make all your clothes smell like beautiful lotus and jasmine blossom!

    13. This de-scaler that can be popped in kettles to finally get rid of those gross white flakes at the bottom.

    14. This miracle shielding solution that helps prevent the build-up of limescale, soap scum, and general dirt on wall tiles, shower screens, mirrors, and more.

    15. A kilo bag of retro pick 'n' mix sweets because nostalgia and also I just want it, okay.

    16. These satin pillowcases that help to reduce hair breakage and static while you sleep, are kinder to skin, and feel ~luxe~ even thought they're less than a tenner!

    17. This magnetic car mount that means you can easily see directions on your mobile while driving. It's also super powerful so will hang onto your phone even on bumpy rides.

    18. And this cigarette lighter USB charger so two people are able to charge up their phones at the same time. Spoiler alert: I already have this and it's brilliant.

    19. This cheap lil' gadget that ensures perfectly microwaved baked potatoes every time without you needing to turn them or burn your fingers picking them up.

    20. This summery can of cherry-scented dry shampoo because you always need some on hand and reviewers are obsessed with the smell.

    21. These ridiculously lovely vintage-sized champagne coupes because pretty crystal glasses for your fizzy wine aren't a luxury, they're a necessity.

    22. And this champagne stopper because flat bubbly is so very gauche (and also I'm of an age now where I can't just drink a whole bottle in one go). It uses a pump system to make sure sparkling wine stays completely intact!

    23. This stained glass privacy film that creates beautiful rainbows when the light shines through and stops nosy neighbours peeking in.

    24. This set of three-metre charging cables so you can carry on using your phone while it charges without having to sit by the socket! They're also super fast charging!