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23 Pictures That Extroverts Will Never Understand

People are hard.

1. When you need to have an iPhone with you at all times:

2. When your friendship group isn't the ~biggest~:

3. When you try to speak up:

4. When you turn into a duckling at parties:

5. When you know who your real friends are:

6. When unexpected people show up to your group:

7. When you're totally fine being left on your own:

8. When you describe your perfect night:

9. When someone asks to sit next to you and you can't say no:

10. When you realise you have to make a phone call:

11. When someone cancels plans:

12. When you try to join in a conversation:

13. When someone suggests you should "make more effort":

14. When you have to talk to someone for longer than ten minutes:

15. When you're in a crowd:

16. When someone does convince you to go out:

17. When napping is essential:

18. When you do finally make friends with someone:

19. When people ask why you look so tired:

20. When you just DGAF anymore:

21. When your friends don't invite you somewhere because they know you'd not come:

22. When you realise who your one true love is:

23. When you know that you're fine just the way you are: