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    18 Air BnBs For Cat Ladies

    Spoiler alert: They all come with cats.

    1. This charming central London home.

    A gorgeous flat in Zone 1 of London (a few minutes from Elephant and Castle). Not only does it look like something out of all your Oscar Wilde fantasies, it's also home to a large black cat called Kooky.

    Price: £49 a night.

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    2. This seaside house near Aoshima, Japan.

    rahen z / Via Flickr: zrahen

    This beautiful Japanese house is smack bang on the coastline, and while the house itself doesn't come with cats, it's got something even better – it's right next to Aoshima, aka CAT ISLAND. You know. That magical island in Japan that's overflowing with cats? Watch this to get an idea of how many cats there are.

    Price: £24 a night.

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    3. This chic, minimalist room in Vienna, Austria.

    This bright and airy apartment is walking distance from the historical centre of Vienna, and lies in the trendy 7th district of the city. There are also two lovely cats to keep you company during your stay.

    Price: £53 a night.

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    4. This feline-inhabited houseboat in Amsterdam.

    The most GORGEOUS houseboat on one of Amsterdam's many canals. You can swim in the canal, the boat has a garden and is only 15 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam by bike. And there's a cat for you to play with. I don't know what more you could want.

    Price: £147 a night.

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    5. This private bedroom in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Tatiya's stunning Thai apartment has an enormous bathroom, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a rain shower. The apartment building also has a gym, yoga studio, and pool. AND THERE ARE TWO CATS. Heaven I tell you. It's heaven.

    Price: £15 a night.

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    6. This airy apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    This wooden building was originally built in 1907 and still has tons of its old-world charm. The location is also great – it's in a quiet area, but it is still in the city centre and walking distance from all the local nightlife. The two cats that you would be sharing the apartment with "would accept petting if guests are interested". I am interested. I am so interested.

    Price: £78 a night.

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    7. This Brooklyn-based dream.

    Home to cuddly, three-legged Sasha the cat, this stylish apartment is part of a picturesque brownstone neighbourhood and is only five minutes from the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Price: £109 a night.

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    8. This room in a large flat in Trondheim, Norway.

    This place has stunning views of the local Trondheim fjord and is a 15-minute bus ride from the city centre. The apartment is also home to Polaris, a beautiful white kitty.

    Price: £27 a night.

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    9. This traditional house in Seoul, South Korea.

    This delightful house in South Korea's capital comes with hundreds of books and two cats. That's really all I need for a good time.

    Price: £33 a night.

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    10. This sunny apartment in Paris.

    This apartment is up on the eighth floor of its apartment building and has fantastic views of the city. It's a really big space, with a queen-size bed, a bathtub, a balcony, and an *enormous* living room. The owner's cat, Luna is also a resident of the apartment, and is apparently partial to belly rubs.

    Price: £73 a night.

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    11. This gorgeous studio in Chicago.

    Do you like cats? Do you like cereal? THEN I HAVE FOUND THE PLACE FOR YOU, MY FRIEND. This beautiful navy and white Chicago studio has both a cereal bar and a cat called Isaiah that is described as "frisky" and who "may decide to sleep with you". Oh Isaiah, you tease.

    Price: £80 a night.

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    12. This cat-filled house in the heart of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

    Thanh's house is walking distance to the centre of Ho Chi Minh, and populated by not one, not two, not three, but FOUR adorable cats. The area the house is in is super local and surrounded by tons of places to get tasty Vietnamese food. Wait for me, Thanh: I'm booking flights as I type.

    Price: £10 a night.

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    13. This picturesque house in Honfleur, France.

    This is the sort of house you could definitely pretend to be a Bennet sister in. A French Bennet sister, frolicking along the Normandy coastline (the particular stretch Honfleur is next to is known as the "Parisian Riviera") and exploring the cobbled streets of the local town. Before returning back to read a book and pet Matou, the house cat.

    Price: £135 a night.

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    14. This unreal villa in Nesoya, Norway.

    Located on the scenic island of Nesoya, this exquisite villa has it all. Views of the local fjords and forests. A beautiful garden. A little pathway that leads down to a beach. An outdoor Jacuzzi. A pretty black and white cat. And a whacking great indoor pool that literally looks like something out of a movie.

    Price: £132 a night.

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    15. This leafy Barcelona flat.

    This flat in the Raval district is in a great location, only minutes from Las Ramblas and located in the buzziest part of Barcelona. There are also three cats in the house, as well as a lovely-sounding Catalonian girl and her English boyfriend. Go out for pintxos and sangria, come back for cat cuddles.

    Price: £29 a night.

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    16. This vintage house in Singapore.

    Decked out with vintage furniture, this original landed house hasn’t been touched since the ’60s, making for an authentic experience in the heart of Singapore city. There are also two rescued ginger cats and a dog living in the house.

    Price: £48 a night.

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    17. This bucolic Dutch retreat.

    Not only is this place *stunning*, it also has a dog and two pretty white cats. But seriously, this place is gorgeous. The decor is all traditional white and blue old Dutch styling. There's a flower-filled garden outside. It's near the famous Dutch tulip fields. And it's in Giethoorn, aka the Dutch Venice, where the streets are canals but things don't cost your firstborn child like they do in actual Venice.

    Price: £32 a night.

    Book here.

    18. This eclectic New York bolthole.

    Overlooking the East Village, this charming New York flat takes up the entire parlour floor of an 1839 building, and the room on offer has views of one of New York's loveliest tree-lined blocks. There also four cats, who may or may not visit you in your room.

    Price: £79 a night.

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