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    27 Handy Lil' Products That Will Solve A Very Specific Problem In Your Life

    From a liquid that removes ring marks from wood to the cheap gadget that stops sunglasses from hurting your ears.

    1. Always remembering to use a coaster is hard. Get rid of the results of any lil' slips with this ring and water mark remover. It also conceals surface scratches and paint drips!

    2. If you always struggle to open jars and bottles, this gripper will get lids of all sizes off without any effort.

    3. If you like to listen to music when you sleep but find headphones uncomfortable to wear, then this Bluetooth headband is a great solution. It can also be worn as an eye mask and during workouts!

    4. Tired of always pulling knives out and finding them blunt? This gadget will quickly sharpen any knife – even hardened and serrated ones!

    5. I use these magic clothes hangers at home to maximise space in my less than massive wardrobe. Each one can hold up to five pieces of clothing horizontally or vertically and is non-slip.

    6. If your produce always feels like it goes off sooner than it should, this fridge liner will help to prolong the life of fruit and veg thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. It also helps to keep fridge interiors clean!

    7. Have a furry friend who's decimating your sofa? This scratch deterring sticky tape is a great way to protect your soft furnishings and train your cat to leave them alone for good.

    8. This measuring tool gives an exact ring size (both UK and US) so there's no more guesswork when you're buying jewellery.

    9. Banish odours with these purifying charcoal bags. They neutralise smells and absorb moisture to prevent mould growing, and are especially effective in shoes!

    10. Always running out of staples when you need them? This genius stapler will keep up to five sheets of papers together without staples.

    11. This book page holder makes it possible to read with one hand while eating or drinking a coffee. It comes in multiple sizes to fit all hands.

    12. Get rid of the scum on top of tea and coffee, as well as the white flakes in your kettle that hard water causes, with this descaler. It also helps keep kettles and irons working for longer.

    13. Always getting yellow marks on your white tops? This antiperspirant stain remover gets rids of the marks left by deodorant and has unbelievable before and after pictures!

    14. Clean hard to reach, fiddly places like the gaps between car air vents and keyboards with this cleaning gel. It's biodegradable and has a sweet lavender fragrance!

    15. This teeth cleaning kit gets rid of tartar buildup and stains. I'm an avid tea drinker and swear by it! It has a slip resistant handle and three different modes to tackle both stubborn marks and stains on sensitive teeth.

    16. If there are little nooks around your house that you struggle to see in, these stick-on lights are an easy way to illuminate them. I use them in my under-stairs cupboard!

    17. If you've used stain removers before you'll know that the ones for individual marks – like red wine or chocolate – can clutter up your house. These large bottles will tackle every kind of stain and customers rave about its effectiveness.

    18. Stop door handles from damaging walls with these easy to use stick-on silicone wall protectors.

    19. Get rid of blind spots while you're driving with these stick-on mirrors. They're easy to apply, have a weatherproof adhesive, and give you a full range of vision!

    20. These brilliant airtight containers will make organising and accessing things in your pantry so much easier.

    21. Get every last bit out of your toothpaste tube with this clever squeezer. It stands up on countertops, works via an easy handle mechanism, and is big enough to fit larger tubes like face cream!

    22. If you never have enough counter space, this over-sink drainer is a genius way to dry dishes or hold just-washed produce.

    23. This honeycomb divider is just the thing if you are always rooting through your drawers trying to find socks or underwear.

    24. If your cables are always falling behind tables or floating around on the floor, this organiser will make sure your chargers and USB cords are right where you need them.

    25. While this tidy box will keep all your loose cables neatly tucked away and out of sight.

    26. If your glasses always make your ears hurt, these temple tips will ease things considerably. They're made from comfortable non-slip silicone and will fit most glasses.

    27. Want to use less disposable plastic but don't want a bulky portable cup in your bag? This collapsible travel cup packs down to a pocket-friendly size.