28 Hair Transformations That Will Make You Go "Oooh"

    Hair inspiration for days.

    1. This platinum glory.

    2. This silky hair makeover.

    3. This glorious pixie cut.

    4. This hot pink colour transformation.

    5. These perfect beachy waves.

    6. This strong AF look.

    7. These beautiful curls.

    8. This blonde to grey-and-black transformation.

    9. This big chop to envy.

    10. This yellow to silver colour correction.

    11. These stunning bangs.

    12. This colourful crop.

    13. This hair miracle.

    14. This lovely cut.

    15. These bombshell waves.

    16. This silver balayage perfection.

    17. This transformed topknot.

    18. This sweep of colour.

    19. This look that will make you desperately want a pixie cut.

    20. This adorable chop.

    21. This film star–worthy transformation.

    22. This babin' bleached hair.

    23. This ultra-modern transformation.

    24. These glorious highlights.

    25. These bountiful curls.

    26. This touch of purple.

    27. This step-by-step.

    28. This cheekbone highlighting crop.