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29 Perfect Gifts For Ginthusiasts

Gin glorious gin!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.


9. Gin Palace Extravaganza, £65

Sipsmith / Via

Held at the Sipsmith Distillery, there is no greater event name than "Gin Palace Extravaganza". Includes a tour of the distillery (with G&Ts of course), a talk on the history of gin and a "tip top 3 course botanical gastronomica" (translation: gin-themed meal), with a tutored tasting at the Princess Victoria. Plus gin to take home with you. Extravaganza indeed.


20. Juniper Sling Eau De Toilette, £115

Penhaligons / Via

Don't worry, this won't make you smell like you fell in a vat of gin. Based on London dry gin, this is a crisp, spicy mix of fresh juniper berries, angelica, brandy, black leather, cardamom and amber. Beautiful without being too boozy.

22. Gin Glorious Gin, £6.29

This book charts the history of gin from the time of mother's ruin to the meteoric rise of gin in the last few years, in a lovely, accessible way. It's like reading a book by a friend who just happens to know a shit-ton about gin.