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    23 Gifts For People Who Just Fucking Love Rose Gold

    Give the gift of rose gold.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. These mermaid makeup brushes for the rose gold mermaid in your life.

    2. These adorable rose gold stork scissors for stationery or sewing enthusiasts.

    3. This passport holder and luggage tag set for rose gold glamour wherever you go.

    4. These eyelash curlers for the pinnacle of rose gold beauty.

    5. This rose gold lightning cable for ultra pretty charging.

    6. These rose gold mason jars for holding everything in.

    7. A pop socket to make propping up your phone that much easier.

    8. These heart earrings to add a little flash of rose gold to every outfit.

    9. This rose gold toilet paper holder, for a fancier bathroom experience.

    10. This rose gold shell hairbrush for mermaid tresses.

    11. This rose gold version of cult skincare for a beauty addict.

    12. This paper plane necklace made in the most beautiful metal of them all.

    13. This exclusive rose gold vinyl record player that will make any music loving friend scream with joy.

    14. These makeup brushes that are both rose shaped and rose gold for a DOUBLE ROSE WHAMMY.

    15. These pens that make writing everything a rose gold dream.

    16. This water bottle to make drinking more water easy to do.

    17. These rose gold trainers that are way better than plain old white.

    18. This rose gold folder divider to make organising beautiful.

    19. These shell headphones for rose gold listening.

    20. This personalised bracelet to add a personal touch to your rose gold gift.

    21. This rose gold scratch map, for the rose gold loving traveller.

    22. This hammered rose gold necklace that's just so pretty.

    23. This marble rose gold phone case to add the finishing touch to their rose gold accessories.