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    24 Gifts All Drink Lovers Should Ask For This Year

    It's going to be a very "merry" Christmas.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Cocktail Pastilles, £16.95

    Not On The High Street / Via

    Gin & tonic and whisky sour sweets! And the "only confectionary product on the market with such a high alcohol volume". I'll take three boxes please.

    2. Winterwood Cocktail Shaker, £48

    Literally the prettiest cocktail shakers ever. The only hard part is deciding which one you want. (Both, I want both please).

    3. Whisky Stones, £15

    Not On The High Street / Via

    Chills your drink without ice because my whisky/gin/vodka doesn't need diluting thanks.

    4. A Sipsmith Sipping Service, £160

    Sipsmith / Via

    The only subscription box you'll ever need. Gin direct from the Sipsmith's Willy Wonka-esque laboratories showing up on your doorstep? Yes. Please.

    (If you want a cocktail version, check out Shaken – they do a monthly subscription service of cocktail recipes and ingredients!)

    5. Combination Lock Bottle Stop, £15.95

    Not On The High Street / Via

    Don't steal my goddamn wine.

    6. Hangover Rescue Tea, £4.95

    Not On The High Street / Via

    When hair of the dog just won't cut it.

    7. Old Fashioned Cocktail Case, £185

    Tipplesworth / Via

    Everything you need to create the Don Draper classic. Plus it's portable, so you don't ever need to be without an old fashioned ever again.

    8. Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, £39.99

    Firebox / Via

    They're tears of laughter, honest.

    9. The Periodic Table of Cocktails, £6.99

    Gin Monkey / Via

    Emma Stokes's new book on all things drink. Her alias is Gin Monkey – you know you're in good hands here.

    10. Penguin Wine Rack, £23

    Not On The High Street / Via

    What, you mean you DON'T keep your wine in a penguin holder? More fool you.

    11. Himalayan Salt Shot Glass, £6

    Not On The High Street / Via

    May your tequila never go unsalted again.

    12. Party Elephant Hip Flask, £7

    ASOS / Via

    It's just so pretty. And also you can put your whisky in it and that's great.

    13. Prosecco Gummies, £6.50

    John Lewis / Via

    Non-alcoholic sweets for lightweights who love cocktails, but can't handle the hard stuff.

    14. Sewing Supplies Corkscrew, £12

    Anthropologie / Via

    Open your bottles of booze in style.

    15. The Spirits: A Guide to Modern Cocktailing, £16.99


    The ultimate guide to drinks-making for beginners. And the ultimate guide to making friends and influencing people. "Who wants a martini?" – everyone's new best friend.

    16. Emergency Gin & Tonic Kit, £21.50

    Not On The High Street / Via

    The solution to all known emergencies.

    17. Whisky Marmalade, £2.79

    The Old Railway Line / Via

    Marmalade and whisky were meant to be together. Why keep them apart?

    18. Booze Necklace, £8.93

    Etsy / Via

    So everyone can know who's your bae.

    19. Chillsner Beer Chiller, £14.99

    Selfirdges / Via

    Give the gift of never having to drink warm beer again.

    20. Little Sauvignon Blanc Wine Making Kit, £35

    Not On The High Street / Via

    First step wine-making kit. Next step at-home winery.

    21. Tripple Tipple Gift Set, £17

    Pickerings / Via

    Tiny craft gin! TINY CRAFT GIN! One's regular, one's extra spicy, and one's for when you've had a really bloody bad day.

    22. Gilded Monogram Glass, £14

    Anthropologie / Via

    Seriously stylish sippin'.

    23. Personalised Decanter, £45.67

    Etsy / Via

    Because a majestic spirit needs a majestic container.

    24. Wine Bottle Glass, £14.99

    Prezzybox / Via

    One glass is never enough. Just admit it.