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    21 Genius Products That’ll Make You Weatherproof This Summer

    Survive the British weather flawlessly.

    1. This waterproof mascara uses a curved brush, six differently-sized bristles, and a low wax formula to enhance lashes without clumping.

    2. These odour-resistant socks are made from a type of cotton that's both breathable and moisture wicking, keeping feet smelling fresh in the heat. The seamless toe also stops yarn chafing and a cushioned ankle tab prevents blisters.

    3. This waterproof jacket folds down into a small pouch that fits into handbags, car glove boxes, or backpacks. It's quick drying and can be easily layered on top of clothes.

    4. This gel helps soothe and prevent chafing during sticky heatwaves and hot weather by forming a breathable barrier on the skin.

    5. This waterproof and sand-proof blanket is lightweight, folds down into an easy-to-carry package, and makes picnics possible on even slightly waterlogged ground.

    6. This vegan blow dry cream works as both a heat protector and styler, leaving hairdos frizz-free and shiny even through humidity.

    7. These rain ponchos are great to have on hand if the heavens suddenly open. They're ridiculously easy to carry at just 43g each, fit adults and teens of all sizes, and are made of super waterproof PE material.

    8. This waterproof phone case will keep phones of all shapes and sizes safe from water damage at the beach or pool, as well as from heavy rain or unexpected showers!

    9. This cream blusher is enriched with BB cream, smooths over pores and blemishes, and is both waterproof and sweatproof!

    10. Stay safe under the hot sun with this dermatologist-recommended sunscreen. It's SPF 50, feels like a moisturiser, and is great for sensitive skin.

    11. I struggle not to burn and swear by this long-lasting sun cream. I put it on before going out and it makes an amazing protective base as I top up with regular sun cream throughout the day. It's water resistant for up to three hours, can provide UVA protection for up to ten hours, and is gentle on sensitive skin.

    12. This lightweight umbrella is easy to carry but surprisingly sturdy. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle, an auto-open button, and won't bend in the wind thanks to nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs and a vented double canopy design!

    13. This antiperspirant facial gel stops your face from getting super sweaty in the heat. It's not sticky, doesn't leave any residue, and helps to keep makeup looking fresh!

    14. These waterproof covers are genius if you like to wear nice shoes but worry about ruining them if bad weather hits! They're easy to carry and come in three universal sizes that fit adults and children alike.

    15. If you're sick of sweat patches, these protective pads are super absorbent, comfortable to wear, and have been specially shaped to not be visible when worn. They’ll also stop white tops from getting those annoying yellow marks!

    16. This professional setting spray leaves a matte finish and helps stop makeup fading or smudging no matter the heat levels.

    17. This waterproof backpack cover will keep your bag dry and clean in rainy, muddy weather.

    18. This waterproof notebook is great for creative types that like to jot down notes on the go. It can withstand water, sweat, grease, and mud!

    19. These makeup removing single towelettes are gentle, alcohol-free, and handy to have in a pocket or bag in case your makeup does migrate a lil'.

    20. This sun protection cream uses keratin filters to prevent hair from getting damaged by UV rays. It's also infused with moisturising argan oil!

    21. This liquid-proofing spray protects leather, suede, nubuck, sheepskin, and all fabrics from spills and stains. It works by creating an invisible barrier that repels dirt and liquids!