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    16 Things You Need If You've Literally Tried Every Gin

    Give your G&T some unexpected oomph.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This delicious new Blackberry Gin, for an exciting update on your regular tipple.

    Promising review: "Absolutely delightful, you must try it with the Sicilian lemon drink though, it doesn't have be fever tree, Waitrose do others. Be strategic in what you mix this with and this will be a favourite with out doubt!" – Matt Young

    Get it from Amazon, £31.16

    2. This Gin Infusion set, to aromatise your gin with spices.

    Promising review: "Had a ball making up my glass of Gin.

    Working my way through the little boxes choosing the small flavouring bags. Hangs over the glass like a dooking teabag. Added sliced lime/lemon, ice and Juniper berries. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS." – Allan Kerr

    Get it from Amazon, £10.25

    3. This incredibly juniper-y V.J.O.P Gin for gin purists.

    The V.J.O.P stands for "Very Junipery Over Proof" which sums this gin up: it's essentially an extra boozy, extra juniper heavy gin. Add it to your G&T to amp up all the things you love about the classic drink.

    Get it from Amazon, £40

    4. This Rhubarb Gin Liqueur, for days you want a little extra sweetness.

    Promising review: "Now THIS is the business! Not only was it delivered in under 24hrs via Prime, it is like a symphony of warming, fruity angels dancing across my tongue. It is sublime mixed with fever tree tonic & a sprig of bruised mint (with plenty of ice if course!). Can't see this little bottle of excellence lasting long 😉" – Eve Frazer

    Get it from Amazon, £17.99

    5. This wonderful Sloe Gin, one of the classic ways to do a G&T twist.

    Promising review: "Bought this initially at the Good Food Show and I have to say it's the best sloe gin I've ever had. Now on my second bottle via Amazon and this is a very good price. It's much stronger than other sloe gins and stronger than any you would make so take it easy." – Regan

    Get it from Amazon, £30

    6. This Pink Grapefruit Gin for when you fancy something a little bit tart.

    Promising review: "Bought as a gift for a gin "expert". She was raving over the taste so I had some too & it's absolutely delicious. Not too strong & very fruity. Will buy again." – welcome guest

    Get it from Amazon, £39.02

    7. This Saffron Gin that goes amazingly with ginger ale.

    I tried this in a pub recently and it blew my mind. It's great with tonic, but I love it with ginger beer or ginger ale. It's smooth, spicy and tastes of saffron without compromising on juniper notes.

    Get it from Amazon, £32.83

    8. This Elderflower Gin Liqueur that will make every G&T taste amazing.

    I always have a bottle of this on the go at home. A strong elderflower liqueur that isn't too sweet, it's incredible on its own over ice. But if you want a sweeter gin and tonic, a splash of this is wonderful. It also goes amazingly in a champagne (or prosecco) cocktail.

    Get it from Amazon, £19

    9. These orange Angostura Bitters, to give a citrus twist on your regular bitters.

    If you like pink gin (gin on the rocks with a ton of angostura whacked in), are a cocktail afficionado or just like a G&T with bitters added, and fancy trying something different, these orange bitters are a lovely update on a classic. FYI, these also go amazingly in old fashioneds.

    Get them on Amazon, £9.85

    10. This ultra boozy Navy Strength Gin, for an extra tasty gin and tonic.

    If you've been a classic gin fan for a while, you should try branching out to Navy Strength, and Plymouth's version is one of the best. As a 57% gin it can seem a bit daunting, but because it's been cut with less water, it means the gin flavour is extra strong – mixed into a gin and tonic you'll just get loads of flavour coming through, rather than alcohol. Just be careful not to have too many!

    Get it from Amazon, £41.88

    11. This nostalgic Sweet Violet Gin that will make your drinks taste like old fashioned sweets.

    Promising review: "I am so stunned at how amazing this is. So delicious 😋, smells amazing, tastes is so good it's off the scale. As it's only the strength of very strong wine , I'm drinking it neat. I would hate to spoil it by diluting it. Taste lingers for a while it's WONDERFUL. It Also came with a lovely book and there are now about another 20 gins, just from that book alone, that I want to try! If you like the taste of violets, then don't miss out on this one!" – meerkatmomma

    Get it from Amazon, £28.95

    12. This Old Tom Gin for a little extra spiciness and sweetness.

    Without boring you with a gin history lecture, Old Tom style gins are essentially what gin used to taste like in the 18th century, before the London Dry style came about. They're sweeter and spicier and will make your G&T a little sweeter and spicer too – plus it's a little bit of history in a glass.

    Get it from Amazon, £27

    13. This Chocolate Gin for a dose of indugence.

    Promising review: "I'll admit I bought this without having tried it because I thought the bottle looked beautiful. I really wasn't sure how a chocolate gin could work.

    However it does, the drink is delicious, not like a some of the overly flavoured gins that are around these days, this is really really nice and the chocolate is a really nice subtle backnote.. The bottle is more gorgeous than the pictures suggests, I want to leave it out on display. It comes with a glass vial of chocolate pieces to add to the drink and a recommendation of adding raspberries as a garnish. These bits are a lovely treat at the end of the drink." – Nicky Noo

    Get it from Amazon, £37

    14. This Yorkshire Tea Gin, for people who want the two most British flavours together in a glass.

    I love tea and I love gin, and this combines the two. The tea flavour is subtle, but definitely comes through, and is wonderful in a gin and tonic or just with soda. FYI, I also brought this as a gift for my boyfriend's parents on our first meeting, and it went down a treat.

    Get it from Amazon, £40.20

    15. These blueberry and lemon Gin Bubbles to liven up your G&T.

    Promising review: "Lovely presentation pots and good that you can have them on their own or mixed. Perfect." – Angela Sendell

    Get it at Amazon, £6.93

    16. This Aged Gin Tasting Set, for anyone who wants to try different gins without breaking the bank.

    Never underestimate how much difference there is between gins, just on a botanics basis. If you want to try a bunch of different gins in the comfort of your own home (as opposed to attending a gin tasting event...etc), the way to do it is with a tasting set. I think these aged gins from Drinks by the Dram are all beautiful as an introduction to aged gins (which taste like a hybrid between whisky and gin), but browse their site for their other kits. There's loads!

    Get it from Amazon, £23.95