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    22 Floaty Dresses That Will Look Great In All Your Whimsical Summer Snaps

    Need a dress to wear as you wait for your terrible curse to be broken in a mystical woodland glade? We got you.

    1. This A-line sundress is made out of 95% cotton, has a cute strappy back, and a flared skirt to swish as you browse fruit stalls in a provincial French market.

    2. This lovely dress has a tie to accentuate your waist and comes in a saffron colour that will look amazing in warm dappled sunlight.

    3. This ditsy floral print shirt dress is ideal for wandering tiny towns while absentmindedly reading a book.

    4. All you need to accessorise this moon-and-stars-adorned dress is a deck of tarot cards as you drift mysteriously into the night to dole out ominous fortunes to unsuspecting passersby.

    5. This simple swing dress will look great at evening beach parties and has pockets.

    6. This dress immediately needs to be worn in a field of sunflowers. Preferably paired with a big straw hat.

    7. This wrap dress has a '40s feel to it, so you can pretend to be Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca while wearing it.

    8. What's this? A beautiful young maid in the woods whiling away the hours until her terrible curse is broken and she can return to her kingdom? No! It's just you in this dress!

    9. Imagine walking down a beach in this dress, leaving footprints in the white sand and paddling in the azure waters. HEAVEN.

    10. This subtly shimmery dress will leave everyone silent with admiration as you make a grand entrance to your arch nemesis (and secret lover)'s summer ball.

    11. This loose-fitting sundress will be breezy AF to wear when the temperatures soar, so you'll stay looking crisp and fresh as a daisy.

    12. This off-the-shoulder dress is what you need if you're planning on escaping to a Greek island and recreating Mamma Mia.

    13. This dress is just the thing to wear as you finish your torrid fling with Tony, the rugged barman who works in the coastal town you've spent the last few weeks. Sorry Tony, you always knew this time would come.

    14. This excellent dress means that not only will your skirts billow in the wind, your sleeves will too.

    15. This backless dress is as sultry as it is floaty, so you can wear it to both casual summer BBQs and fancier evening affairs.

    16. If you don't feel like a doomed noble retreating to their summer palace for one last beautiful summer before the revolution while wearing this dress, then I will be gobsmacked.

    17. This dress will make anyone who wears it look like a '60s French ingénue about to make her debut in a wistful film about summer love. Guaranteed.

    18. This halter-neck dress has an elegant empire waist and comes in so many beautiful colours.

    19. You might not have access to a yacht this summer but this full-skirted number will make you feel like you do.

    20. And this dress is perfect for entering any room and dramatically announcing that you did in fact survive that mysterious boat accident, Muriel, so get your hands off the key to the family safe.

    21. This is just a brilliant basic floaty dress. It's simple! It's chic! It has a bow detail without being fussy! And most importantly it comes in loads of different colours so you can fill your wardrobe with it.

    22. Oh look, a Greek goddess has descended from the heavens and graced us with her...oh, no wait, it's just you in this dress.