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    18 Little Ways To Feel Like You're On Vacation 24/7

    Flight-free holiday vibes.

    1. Upgrade your summer scent.

    2. Plan a day trip.

    Flickr: loic80l

    This looks like some far-flung magical place right? Wrong. That's a picture of the Fairy Pools in Scotland, a mere train ride (and maybe a boat trip, but that's neither here nor there) away from my English hometown. And I have no doubt there are some equally as stunning places near where you live – you just have to look.

    A day trip to a local beach or lake or even a weekend stay will make you feel like you've had a holiday, without breaking the bank. If you're based in the UK, check out this list for inspiration.

    3. Make some ice lollies.

    Facebook: video.php

    Sometimes all it takes is something simple. And what's simpler than a delicious homemade ice lolly eaten outside in the sunshine? Follow this recipe for properly tasty holiday vibes.

    4. Visit a rooftop bar.

    5. Browse a little #TravelPorn.

    6. Shop for some summer merch.

    Maybe flights are a little out your price range, but there's a ton of lovely little things out there that will put you in a holiday mood without breaking the bank. I love these cactus-shaped tea bags by Tea Heritage, £6.27, and this sparkly aloha water bottle by Sip So Sweet, £14.89.

    7. Drink some rum (punch).

    Facebook: theduppyshare

    The Duppy Share, Wray & Nephew and Four Square are all great rums if you want a little taste of the Caribbean.

    You can mix your rum with cola or sip it neat, but my favourite way to drink rum is in rum punch. The recipe is one of sour (lemon juice), two of sweet (sugar syrup), three of strong (RUM), four of weak (water). Mix those four ingredients to that ratio and you'll have a banging rum punch.

    8. Get your glow on.

    9. Party at your local carnival.

    S Pakhrin / Via Flickr: kathmandu

    Nothing embodies summer party spirit than a good ole fashioned carnival. If you're lucky there'll be one nearby you – Notting Hill Carnival is the closest to me.

    10. Mix up a batch of Singapore Slings.

    11. Organise a picnic.

    Flickr: ghirson

    Nothing like a little jaunt outside with a basket full of food and a good book to put you in a holiday-esque mood.

    12. Buy a paddling pool.

    13. Create a summer playlist.

    View this video on YouTube

    Putting your favourite summer tunes on loop will have you feeling like the beach is only a few steps away.

    My summer playlist currently features Waves by Mr Probz, Touch My Body by Sistar, I'm Gonna Be Alright by Jennifer Lopez, View by Shinee and the above tune by Baby Bash.

    14. Invest in a bit of summer bling.

    Summer sparkle comes in many forms. Sometimes it comes in the form of a trip to the beach. Other times it comes with a bit of summer-themed bling. I'm in love with the above piece by Beans and Pepper.

    15. Watch a summery film.

    Dirty Dancing, Wet Hot American Summer, Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood... whatever your preferred genre there'll be a film out there that'll put you in a summery, feel good mood.

    If you can, I'd definitely see if you can book a screening at a rooftop cinema showing – it's a double whammy of summer viewing and summer setting.

    16. Light a summery candle.

    17. Try some foreign flavours.

    18. Take a technology break.

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