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17 Ridiculously Indulgent Things To Do In London This Easter

Is this an Easter activity round up or a cry for help? You decide.

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1. Chocolate sardines from La Fromagerie.

La Fromagerie

Lovely little cheese and charcuterie shop, La Fromagerie, are selling adorable chocolate sardines from Burgundy in honour of Easter that are, I'm informed, "a perfect alternative gift for children." This is nonsense, obviously you must go and buy them all and eat them alone in your underwear, in the true spirit of Easter.

When: until they run out I presume.

Price: £11.25

Pop into the Marylebone or Highbury branches to buy them, or have the delivered direct to you.

2. Mini egg martinis at Bar Soho.

Instagram: @bar_soho

MINI EGG COCKTAILS. Made with vanilla vodka, baileys, double cream, chocolate sauce and crushed mini eggs in a glass, you can get this at Bar Soho this weekend. If you've been left on your own in London by friends off on holidays, and you're no longer welcome at family gatherings because of that incident with cousin Susan, this sweet concoction will help you down your sorrows.

When: until the end of the month

Price: £8.50

Book here

3. Easter patisserie at Dominique Ansel.

Instagram: @cronutgirl

Look at it. Look at how cute it is. IT'S SO CUTE. And this is only one of the patisserie treats Dominique Ansel has come up with for Easter – as well as this chick religieuse puff, there's marshmallow Peep-a-Boos in real eggshells and a Royal Guard Easter egg, and they're all so cute that for a minute when you look at them the void of loneliness won't seem so bad.

When: available 10th to 17th April

Price: £6.20 for the religieuse

Pre-order here

4. Easter egg freak shakes at The Diner.

The Diner

Introducing the Easter Peepshake – a freak shake inspired by Peeps (an American "candy" I'm told is synonymous with Easter). Though I am 100% certain Peeps have nothing on Mini Eggs (don't @ me) this milkshake does sound incredible. It's a giant chocolate egg filled with New York cheesecake milkshake, whipped cream, Oreos and Peeps.

There's only going to be five available tomorrow at each Diner location in London; so if you're a fan of Peeps, or just want to get some aggression out by arguing with strangers over who asked for a freak shake first, head on over.

When: Friday 14th April

Price: £15


5. Meet baby farm animals at Lee Valley Park Farms.

Beautiful baby lambs and goats will be filling Lee Valley Farms this weekend – their annual Baby Boom event is on, which means opportunities to feed orphaned baby animals, stroke their soft fur, and feel the odd sense of calm that only being around animals can bring. There will be many children there, but ignore them, they don't need this like you need this.

When: until 17th April

Price: £9 a ticket

Book here

6. Sunday Roast at Gymkhana.


If you're over traditional Sunday Roasts then michelin-starred Gymkhana is doing an incredible Indian Sunday Roast for Easter. Either order their Pomfret Roast a la carte, or splash out on the set menu for £80.

When: 14th to 17th April

Price: £42.50 for the Pomfret Roast or £80 for the set menu

Book here

7. Egg painting and sharing plates at Blanchette.


Easter is all about coming together as a family and sharing good food and good times! Or, if you're by yourself, it's about crashing other people's good times. Case in point: Blanchette will be serving up a delicious Easter meal of roast lamb and sharing plates this weekend, as well as hosting an egg painting competition with a champagne prize for the best egg. Go with a group, or go by yourself and weep softly into the "sharing" plates you've ordered, surrounded by the new egg "friends" you've just painted.

When: roast is available over the Easter weekend, egg painting will be happening on Sunday 16th April

Price: plates from £4.50

Book here

8. Hot cross buns at Tom's Kitchen.

Tom's Kitchen

If you're feeling bougie and want to treat yourself to some fancy hot cross buns rather than just raiding your local Tesco, then Tom's Kitchen are doing freshly baked ones at all their delis. Pop in, spend a silly amount of money on doughy, spiced, delicious buns, then eat them with friends or alone in the dark watching Netflix because all your friends are at home being fussed over by their parents. Spoiler alert: I'll be doing the latter.

When: 10th to 21st April

Price: £6 for four or £10 for eight


9. Chocolate egg cocktails at Aster.

Thomas Alexander

Aster are doing an Easter special cocktail that features rum mixed with chocolate liqueur and aztec bitter chocolate, served in a milk chocolate egg. Because chocolate is great, but chocolate and booze is even better. Order it and glare defiantly at anyone who looks at you while you drink it, muttering under your breath, "it's Easter, I DESERVE this, bloody Michelle and her boyfriend are in PARIS, at the very least I should get a cocktail."

When: 3rd to 17th April

Price: £18

Book here

10. Chocolate afternoon tea at Four Seasons.

Instagram: @fslondon

There's a newly opened Four Seasons hotel in London, and they're doing a gorgeous Easter afternoon tea this weekend. It's a chocolate dream of french pasties, chocolate and almond scones smeared with chocolate and hazelnut spread and clotted cream, roast beef on a milk bun with chocolate nibs, and goats cheese mousse on toast with bitter chocolate. Then there's either hot chocolate or a smorgasbord of teas with delicate chocolate notes to drink.

You could go with friends for a delightful Easter weekend treat, or you could go by yourself – at hotels this fancy, they know how to hide their pity.

When: 10th to 23rd April, from 3 to 5.30pm

Price: £52 per person or £62 including a glass of Delamotte Brut Champagne

To make a reservation, call 020 3297 3799

11. Bottomless pasta at Cantina Del Ponte.

Instagram: @cantina_del_ponte

Eat multiple plates of delicious pasta and drink as much prosecco as you can muster at Cantina Del Ponte's new bottomless pasta brunch. Go for a joyous boozy pasta riot with your family and loved ones, or go by yourself because pasta and booze is the answer to everything.

When: this Saturday and Sunday (15th and 16th April), from 12 to 3pm

Price: three dishes for £15 or five for £25, then bottomless prosecco for £15

Book here

12. A treasure hunt at The British Museum.

There's a fun and games themed treasure hunt going on at the British Museum tomorrow, where instead of searching for easter eggs you'll be searching out hidden art gems, and photographing yourself with them, which sounds like great cultural fun.

Plus there's sure to be enough of a collective sense of camaraderie and people milling around to get a decent amount of time pretending to be with a group before one of them turns around and pointedly asks who *exactly* you know again.

When: Friday 14th, 5.30 to 7.30pm

Price: £10 to £15

Book here


13. Raspberry chocolate cocktails at All Bar One.

Jon Parker Lee

Chambord, one of my favourite guilty pleasure liqueurs, is putting on a series of three chocolate cocktails at All Bar One this weekend. Choose between rum and raspberry, chocolate espresso, or the "Chambord Easter egg", a mix of dark chocolate, vanilla vodka and raspberry goodness. Or drink all three, while saying loudly, "what difference is two more chocolate cocktails going to make at this point anyway?" as you eat handfuls of Mini Eggs from your handbag.

When: 3rd to 17th April

Price: £6.50

Book here

14. French food at Bon Vivant.

Instagram: @lucyrichardsphotography

Bon Vivant has just launched in London and will be doing a special Easter menu, that includes a chocolate egg cocktail, rabbit with pear ragout, roasted ham and chocolate torte with champagne jelly. The delicious French food will let you pretend you're on holiday in Paris, which is almost the same.

When: this Sunday 16th April, 6pm to 10pm

Price: £7 for the cocktail, £39 a head for the set menu

Book here

15. Visit the chocolate market in Duke of York Square.

Duke of York Square will be hosting a charming Easter Saturday chocolate market this weekend, with stalls full of delicious sweet treats, like roasted almond roses and chocolate macarons.

When: 15th April (Saturday)

Price: free

16. Turn chocolate eggs into chocolate scotch eggs at Hippo Inn.

Hippo Inn

Hippo Inns are a collection of lovely pubs around London that do great food and drink. This weekend, they're also doing Hungry Hippo Easter Eggs – special Easter scotch eggs. To get one you just need to bring a chocolate egg in to trade. They're oozey and warm and meaty, and let's face it, it's probably for the best that someone takes some of your chocolate off you this weekend and gives you something that resembles a meal.

When: 14th to 17th April

Price: the cost of a chocolate Easter egg

17. Watch revolutionary cinema with Kino Vino.

View this video on YouTube

Vino Kino is a very cool cinema supper club that's just launched a round of revolutionary film screenings – films exploring the various revolutions that have taken place around the world. This weekend they'll be screening 1900, that follows the years leading up to the Liberation in 1945 and critiques Italy’s unequal social structure, with a rustic Italian buffet and wine to enjoy alongside. Not only does this sound fantastically bougie, it'll most likely contain key information that will come in useful when society eventually crumbles around our feet.

When: 15th April

Price: £45

Book here