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    21 Expensive-Looking But Actually Cheap Items For People With Champagne Taste

    Just a bunch of fancy stuff at beer budget prices

    1. This salt and pepper shaker set is made from real copper and looks incredibly swish.

    2. Upgrade your dressers or cabinets without having to buy a whole new furniture piece with these charming drawer knobs.

    3. Why shouldn't your tweezers be a beautiful rose gold shade and come in their own vegan leather case? At this price, there is literally no reason.

    4. These headbands don't cost much but will make you look like a grande dame (and disguise all manner of hair sins if needed).

    5. Give your tissues a fancy home with this marble print box cover made out of high quality PU leather.

    6. These scrunchies are made from premium satin and come in a range of luxury-looking colours like rose gold and soft sage green.

    7. Put your bog standard hand soap in this beautiful glass dispenser and you'll instantly feel as if you've dropped a bomb on fancier stuff.

    8. Make sure even moisturising your lips has a touch of decadence with this 'pink bubbly' balm that's infused with wine extracts.

    9. While this lip balm is an incredibly sophisticated way to prevent chapped lips. It's enriched with squalene for 12-hour hydration and comes in the most stunning case.

    10. This ornate jewellery box has blue velvet lined dividers to hold earrings, necklaces, and rings, and looks like something a 17th century noble might own!

    11. Keep your lipsticks stored in style with these vintage style cases. They have a mirror inside for reapplication and are lined with soft red velvet!

    12. This double sided silk and cotton pillow case is a delicious taste of luxury. As well as just feeling delightful, it prevents sleep creases, hair breakage, and can even help to prevent breakouts!

    13. Create scented and shimmering golden baths with this vitamin and rose water-infused bubble bath.

    14. This incredible incense burner will fill your home with scent and make a striking art piece for your table too.

    15. Transform your home into a glimmering cavern of lights without spending a fortune thanks to this fairy light curtain.

    16. This pair of earrings are full of old world glamour and look so classy without costing the earth.

    17. These bougie bath bombs look like they're filled with crystals and are richly fragranced with jasmine, lavender, or rose.

    18. Feel pampered after every shower or bath with this luxuriously soft hair wrap. It helps hair dry up to three times faster than a regular towel.

    19. This beaded chain makes for a really easy way to keep your sunglasses around when you're not wearing them (mine always get tangled in my hair when I put them on top of my head!) and looks super glam to boot.

    20. This sensational silk scarf is perfect for swishing about as you peer into the windows of fancy shops, and can cost as little as £15!

    21. These marbled plant pots have no right to be this lovely looking at this price.