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    22 Things Every Nasty Woman Needs

    Can't keep us down.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This nasty necklace.

    2. This pin for fighters.

    By Creepy Gals, £2.06.

    3. This straight-talking cap.

    4. These manifesto-writing pencils.

    By Eythink, £4.13.

    5. This pin that doesn't give AF.

    By Punky Pins, £3.

    6. This mug for male tears.

    By Driinky, £12.35.

    7. This essential keyring.

    8. This deliciously scented candle.

    By Etta Arlene, £7.42.

    9. This bangle for misandrists.

    By Misandry Designs, £28.88.

    10. This simple definition.

    By BootsTees, £13.99.

    11. This necklace that doesn't care.

    12. These glorious sunglasses.

    13. This potent message.

    14. This mantra.

    15. This simple slogan.

    16. These femme as fuck earrings.

    By Misty Aurora, £14.74.

    17. This memo that the future is coming.

    And sooner than you think. By Cup Of Tee Store, £16.46.

    18. This not-so-lovely pin.

    By Pinbees, £6.25.

    19. This sexy sweater.

    By Burnt Threadz, £16.50.

    20. This necklace here to remind you what "no" means.

    By Misandry Designs, £28.88.

    21. This perfect pin.

    22. This necessary reminder: