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29 Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers

Tea time.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This tea infuser, £3.33.

A teapot-shaped tea infuser for your tea. So meta.

2. These tea Christmas crackers, £20.

Bluebird Tea Co

The only crackers you need this season.

3. This floral bath tea, £10.82.

Sink into tea rose–scented bliss.

4. This Russian doll–shaped sugar, £6.96.

Kusmi Tea

I mean, come on, this is too cute for words.

5. This tea pin, £7.

Wear your tea love with pride.

6. This silken teabag gift box, £20.

Loose-leaf Earl Grey, Masala Chai, English Breakfast, and Jasmine Princess tea in beautiful silken teabags for the classiest of tea lovers.

7. This Alice in Wonderland tea gift set, £7.50.

Alice in Wonderland tea is the best tea.

8. This matcha lip balm, £3.75.

Matcha in my mouth, matcha on my lips.

9. This mulled wine infusion bauble, £6.

Filled with mulled wine–flavour tea.

10. This Make Your Own Bubble Tea set, £7.99.

The true tea lover loves all kinds of tea.

11. This tea timer, £32.50.


Brew your black, green, and white teas to perfection.

12. These tea badges, £1.

The perfect present for your entire tea-loving gang.

13. This bouquet of teaspoons, £8.32.

Because your tea deserves these teaspoons.

14. This make-your-own kombucha set, £33.26.

If you haven't tried kombucha yet, you must.

15. This rosy gift box, £15.


This box for rose lovers includes China Rose tea, rose-infused black tea, rose syrup, and a rosy mug to drink it all in.

16. This Christmas cake tea bauble, £7.

Bluebird Tea Co

Decorate your tree with what you really want this Xmas.

17. This Earl Grey tea soap, £5.

Just cover me in tea. Cover me in it.

18. This glass teapot warmer, £15.

So much classier than a tea cozy.

19. This Grow Your Own chamomile set, £8.99.

For chamomile tea whenever you want it.

20. This literary tea set, £9.99.

Because everyone knows books and tea are the ultimate combo.

21. This "motherfucking tea time" mug, £11.63.

Damn straight.

22. This "But first, tea" picture, £9.99.

Your motto, your mantra.

23. This tea caddy, £7.95.

Filled with 80 bags of Betty's finest tea room blend.

24. This earl grey and cucumber cologne, £43.

Jo Malone

The only scent for the esteemed tea lover in your life.

25. This tea chest, £29.14.

Keep your teabags in style.

26. This portable tea infuser bottle, £27.52.

For tea on the go.

27. This glass teapot, £16.65.

I like my tea where I can see it: in a glass teapot.

28. This teapot necklace, £19.98.

Wear your tea love round your neck.

29. This Earl Grey tea candle, £11.65.

The best room scent there is.