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    17 Incredibly Perfect Tea And Biscuit Combinations

    Dunking perfection.

    Everybody loves a cup of tea. And the only possible way to make it better?

    But which biscuit to pick? Will a hobnob be better with Earl Grey or a pot of Assam? The wrong choice and that's your tea, and the rest of your day, ruined.

    To avoid any biscuit mishaps, we called in the experts: Twinings, masters of proper tea since 1706.

    1. Breakfast Tea and Digestives

    2. Chamomile Tea and Palmiers

    3. Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Shortbread

    4. Chai and Lotus Biscotts

    5. Assam Tea and Hobnobs

    6. Darjeeling Tea and Florentines

    7. Jasmine Tea and Madeleines

    8. Mint Tea and Macaroons

    9. Rose Tea and a Vanilla Viennese

    10. Green Tea and Matcha Macarons

    11. Lemon Tea and Gingerbread.

    12. Ceylon and Lemon Thins

    13. Rooibos Tea and Jaffa Cakes

    14. Lapsang Souchong and Chocolate Cookies

    15. Russian Caravan Tea and Biscotti

    16. Ginger Tea and Chocolate Teacakes

    17. Oolong Tea and Custard Creams

    Happy drinking ☕☕☕