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    23 Pieces Of Jewellery For Anyone Who’s A Diamond In The Rough

    Whoever said diamonds needed polish was wrong.

    1. These dangling diamond rings.

    2. This modern diamond ring.

    3. This diamond-encrusted bar.

    4. This statement silver threader earring.

    5. This elegant bracelet.

    6. These simple studs.

    7. This statement cluster.

    8. This black diamond-decorated earring.

    9. This personalised drop.

    10. This golden circle and diamond combo.

    11. This alternative engagement ring.

    12. This dainty little strand.

    13. This rough-cut necklace.

    14. These stackable rings.

    15. This hammered gold bar with a diamond drop.

    16. These divinely beautiful studs.

    17. These beaded wonders.

    18. These tributes to raw diamonds.

    19. This caged diamond.

    20. This striking earring.

    21. This perfect circle.

    22. This perfectly unpolished bracelet.

    23. This minimalist ring.