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18 Delicious Places To Eat Dim Sum In London

Little parcels of heaven.

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1. Yauatcha

Facebook: yauatchasoho

The best and most wonderful dim sum place in London. Yauatcha is heart-achingly expensive, but also worth it. At the end of the meal you can't tell if your tears are of joy because you've had a dim sum revelation, or from the pain of knowing your wallet is now empty and it'll be at least a month until you can come back.

If you're on a tight budget, I have an under-£20 formula: Get the prawn and beancurd cheung fun because it is the best dish on the menu (they deep fry the beancurd and it is MAGIC), and either tea or iced tea (they do tea *really* well here). You won't be full, but you will have achieved dim sum enlightenment.

Location: Soho and Broadgate Circle

2. Dumpling's Legend

Instagram: @kells_food_n_brewz

This place's speciality is xiao long bau, or soup dumplings. If you haven't tried one of these before THEN MY FRIEND YOU HAVE NOT LIVED. It's a dumpling filled with a delicious clear broth that you should put on your spoon, nibble a bit so you can suck the soup out before eating the skin.

Location: Chinatown


3. Opium

Instagram: @arweneloise

Hidden in the walls of Chinatown's Gerrard Street, Opium is first and foremost a cocktail bar, but its bar snacks are baskets of solidly good dim sum. 100% recommend the Siu Mai which are proper mouthfuls of dim sum goodness, and the crab and samphire dumplings. So fancy. So tasty. Also, you will find no where else in Soho that serves dim sum until 3AM.

Location: Chinatown

4. Mama Lan

Instagram: @mamalans

Northern Chinese street food maestro, Mama Lan makes brown bottomed pot sticker dumplings come in rounds of five for a fiver, which isn't shabby at all. I'm all about those crunchy yet soft potstickers, but the grilled fish balls on skewers and steamed woodear mushroom dumplings aren't to be missed either.

Location: Brixton, Clapham, East Village and Dalston

5. Ping Pong

Ping Pong

A hugely popular chain in London, you'd be a fool to turn your nose up at Ping Pong. Sure, it's probably not a purist's idea of *proper* dim sum, but it's been a sound staple of mine for years. It's a lovely restaurant, with decently priced dishes, and a really strong cocktail menu (the hibiscus spritz is a dream).

If you're going, be sure to order the chilli prawn bao off their new summer menu, the beef and black prawn dumplings and the long stem broccoli – all four dishes are mouthwateringly delicious.


6. Royal China

Like Ping Pong, Royal China is a chain, but unlike Ping Pong, there's less of a western twist here – the restaurants are very much what you'd find in classic Chinatown, with slightly more elegant decor. Definitely get the crab dumpling soup, and if you like garlic, definitely get the deep fried garlic prawn beancurd rolls.

Location: All over London, but my favourite is the Queensway branch.

7. Hakkasan


Hakkasan is like Yauatcha's slicker, sexier, more luxurious older sister. It's all glossy black decor and mysterious lattice walls and thoroughly elegant cocktails.

For me, Hakkasan's beauty lies in its dumplings, which are actual works of art, and its jasmine-tea smoked pork ribs. You can get both by doing the set Dim Sum Sunday menu. The price will make you wince, but it's actually the best value way of eating here – I went a while ago, and couldn't eat out for the rest of the month, but it's still one of the best food experiences I've ever had.


8. Drunken Monkey

Instagram: @natpatallen

If you indulged in dim sum and cocktails at any of London's dim sum bars, you probably have Drunken Monkey to thank. They were one of the first two do the combo, and are still going strong.

Location: Shoreditch

9. Phoenix Palace

Plump har gau, sauteed turnip patties and more cheung fun than you can shake a stick at. Phoenix Palace is big and elegant and immensely popular. If you're going on a weekend, you'll need a reservation – unless you enjoy queuing, which is actually pretty likely given this article is aimed mainly at British people.

Location: Marylebone

10. Fu Manchu

Instagram: @fu_manchu_bar

Have you ever been in a nightclub, and gone, "you know what? I could really go for some dim sum right now." Fu Manchu understands. Fu Manchu is a bar that turns into a nightclub, that also serves dim sum.

Let me tell you now, there is nothing better than dancing at full steam in a club, with some lo mai gai parcels clutched in both hands, confident in the knowledge that you are living your best life.

Location: Clapham

11. Wan Chai Corner

If you're a London dim sum connoisseur, chances are you've been to Wan Chai Corner (and if you haven't, you should go immediately). It's cheap and cheerful, and just does cracking dim sum.

Location: Chinatown

12. China Tang

AKA The Dorchester's ultra fancy, art-deco dim sum restaurant. The restaurant itself is just so opulent. Eating here is like stepping onto the set of Lust, Caution. As with everything The Dorchester touches, the food is very good quality, sticking closely to authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Location: Mayfair


13. Shanghai

Instagram: @chefaz

I mean, come on, just look at those dumplings. JUST LOOK AT THEM. Also, you must also have your dim sum here with their Thousand-Day Flower tea, because it is just so pretty.

Location: Dalston

14. Plum Valley

Instagram: @halomimi__

Chinatown's chicest, most upscale restaurant. They also have dumplings in the shape of pigs, and I don't know what more information you could need than that.

Location: Chinatown

15. Imperial China

Instagram: @jychuah

Worth going to if just to cross the wooden bridge over this restaurant's teeny tiny carp pond. You can certainly do far worse in London when it comes to dim sum, and there more than a few standout dishes – the vietnamese rolls and steamed siu mai are brilliant.

Location: Chinatown

16. Bo Lang

Instagram: @avinash_w

Taking a break from the classics, Bo Lang is all about the updated dim sum. The har gau is served with blackberry reduction, the steamed dumplings include "local crab with balsamic pearls" and "chicken and black truffle siu mai".

Rather wonderfully, the prices aren't horrific either. You can get a chef's selection for £16.50, and the baskets start from a fiver.

Location: South Kensington

17. Golden Dragon

More filling than fancy, this good value spot has been a Chinatown institution for years and years. If you're looking for classic Chinatown dim sum, this is your guy. Order the taro croquettes and remember to not get offended by the rude waiters – to enjoy Chinatown, you must accept the scowling staff as part of its charm.

Location: Chinatown

18. Kam Tong

Instagram: @mimisnackalot

I saved my go-to dim sum joint for last. Sure, it's no Yauatcha. But alas, my dim sum obsession can't take only eating the stuff once a month. I first went to Kam Tong when I was 18, and haven't looked back since – it's reliable, cheaply-priced, and does all your favourite classics very, very well.

Plus, the waiters actually smile at you every so often (it always feels like a special present when it happens).

Location: Bayswater