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    23 Cocktails That Will Make You Forget About Booze

    Because alcohol-free doesn't have to mean boring.

    1. Cherry Bomb Mocktail

    Julie's Eats and Treats / Via

    Fruity, sweet, fizzy fun in a glass. This is a seriously good lemon-lime fizzy drink laced with grenadine and maraschino cherries. Recipe here.

    2. Lemon Lavender Mocktail

    Manda / Via

    For added prettiness, add a tiny, *tiny* drop of blue food colouring into the mix (seriously, you want lavender periwinkle, not 70s electro-blue). Recipe here.

    3. Millionaire Sour

    Kleinworth Company / Via

    No booze? No problem. Just substitute the whisky in this drink with a little ginger ale. all the delicious minus the hangover. Recipe here.

    4. Ginger Beer Mojito

    Ali Ebright / Via

    Virgin mojitos are so 2015. Pimp yours with a little ginger beer instead for spicy kick. Recipe here.

    5. French 75

    Alejandra Ramos / Via

    What's a French 75 without the champagne, I hear you cry. Turns out a little lemon and soda has a hell of a placebo effect. You know what they say, fake it until you make it. Recipe here.

    6. Herbed Matcha Iced Tea

    Elizabeth Stark / Via

    Matcha is so tasty, and also anything that green has *got* to be good for you. Recipe here.

    7. Blueberry Maple Mojito

    Michelle Hershman / Via

    Ultra-fresh blueberry juice with just a hint of sweet maple syrup will make you forget all about the lack of anything harder in here. Recipe here.

    8. Virgin Ginger Mimosas

    Sonnet / Via

    Mimosas are a wonderful thing, but if pre-10am drinking isn't for you, just substitute the champagne for less alcoholic bubbles. Recipe here.

    9. Moscow Mule

    Manda / Via

    Snaps for you if you serve this drink in copper mugs. Recipe here.

    10. Juicy Julep

    Completely Delicious / Via

    A fruity, juicy version of the mint julep. And hey, if a little bourbon finds its way into here, we won't tell... Recipe here.

    11. Blood Orange and Basil Mocktail

    Jane Maynard / Via

    Blood orange + basil = pure pure joy. Get the recipe.

    12. Thai Iced Tea

    White Rice On Couple / Via

    For a vegan version, just be sure to use coconut milk rather than dairy in this recipe. Recipe here.

    13. Frost Bite Mocktail

    Jane Maynard / Via

    Blueberry, pineapple, grape and mint makes for one delicious-tasting bubbly mocktail. Recipe here.

    14. Blackberry, Lemon and Thyme Soda

    Carey Nershi / Via

    If you want to seriously impress friends and family, just bring out a batch of this homemade soda. Then if they really want to add a little something ~extra~ to it, they can. Recipe here.

    15. Italian Cream Soda

    Manda / Via

    Creamy and sweet, you can change the syrup flavour in this drink for different versions. Recipe here.

    16. Blackberry Vanilla Mocktail

    La Fuji Mama / Via

    The vanilla and honey in this recipe gives the most lovely sweet edge to this drink. It's like a blackberry pie in a glass. Recipe here.

    17. Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer

    Tiffany Chung / Via

    The key to this is a basil simple syrup that sounds complicated but it actually ridiculously easy to make. Recipe here.

    18. Ginger Lime Fizz

    Erin Alderson / Via

    Ginger and lime were always meant to be together. Recipe here.

    19. The Palauxma

    The Brewer and Baker / Via

    The Paloma cocktails' more innocent cousin. If you're into grapefruit margaritas, this is the tequila-free option your January needs. Recipe here.

    20. Roy Rogers

    Melissa Johnson / Via

    Shirley who? This is the only soft drink + grenadine mocktail you need. Recipe here.

    21. Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail

    Place Of My Taste / Via

    Sweet, sour and herbaceous. If you don't want to do the ole grapefruit half for breakfast trick, this is a much tastier way to get your dose of the good stuff. Recipe here.

    22. Blueberry Lemonade

    Chung-Ah Ree / Via

    Pimp your lemonade. Recipe here.

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