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    19 Ridiculously Cute Shoes For People With Teeny Tiny Feet

    Available in sizes 2 and up.

    1. Pastel green and flame-coloured gems for spring!

    Available at ASOS, £45

    2. These sleek scarlet sandals.

    Available at Ted and Muffy, £90

    3. Metallics for spring – actually groundbreaking.

    Available at ASOS, £30

    4. Saved By The Bell patterns for 2016.

    LK Bennett / Via

    Available at LK Bennett, £210

    5. This little pink pastel and gold number.

    Available at Ted and Muffy, £120

    6. These fierce snakeskin and fringe high heels.

    Available at ASOS, £48.00

    7. These ultra cute brogues.

    Available at Clarks, £60

    8. Lace covered paisley print = the prettiest flats EVER.

    9. These chunky 90s heels.

    Available at ASOS, £35.00

    10. These adorable pumps.

    Available at ASOS, £12.00

    11. These statement 70s heels.

    Available at New Look, £24.99

    12. Cobalt blue colour blocking!

    Available at Ted & Muffy, £130

    13. These rock chick studded boots.

    Available at ASOS, £35

    14. Just so sparkly.

    Available at Pretty Small Shoes, £139

    15. These peachy patterned sneakers.

    Available at ASOS, £18.00

    16. Chic navy and burgundy.

    Available at New Look, £24.99

    17. Burgundy is life.

    Available at Kurt Geiger, £160

    18. These popping espadrilles.

    Available at LK Bennett, £110

    19. These dainty metallic heels.

    Available at ASOS, £35.00

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