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Everyone Is Drinking Tea Wrong And It's Incredibly Upsetting

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Everyone loves a cup of tea. But one question has plagued us since time began: milk or no milk?

There are the tea purists, who won't add a drop. And there are those who couldn't imagine their PG Tips without a splash of milk.

And then there are those who'll add milk to fucking anything. Fruit tea. Jasmine tea. MINT TEA.

Some have the decency to be ashamed of their actions.

I have just put milk in green tea and liked it. What sort of sickening old pervert have I become? #drinkinggreentealikeanarse

Some just don't give a fuck.

I know you're not supposed to put milk in chamomile tea but i like to live dangerously

It could even be a member of your own family.

Oh my god I left my chamomile tea in the kitchen and my dad put milk in it and started drinking it like normal tea

We need to settle this once and for all. WHAT TEA IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO ADD MILK TO?