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    17 Secret Restaurants You Mustn't Tell Anyone About

    Hidden dining.

    1. Uyen Luu, London

    2. The Spice Club, Manchester

    Facebook / Via Facebook: spiceclubmanchester

    Manchester's first secret supper club, Spice Club is hosted by the lovely Monica and her mum, Anita. Manchester has some pretty fantastic curry spots, with a lot of arguments about where to find the best dish. If rumour and reputation's anything to go by though, Monica and her mum serve the best Indian food in the city. As to where to find their Jaipur cuisine though, you'll just have to book a spot at their table and wait. They don't reveal their top secret location until 24 hours beforehand.

    3. Jelly & Gin, Edinburgh

    Jelly & Gin

    They had me at gin. These guys create food and drink experiences all over Scotland, that are unmissable for the "intrepid gastronaut*", and include things like Mean Girls-themed cocktails at Edinburgh Filmhouse, and a regular night that involves a well-known chef popping down to a greasy spoon to cook up some burgers.

    *New life goal, unlocked.

    4. Mes Amis, London

    Tripadvisor / Via

    This place first opened in Hammersmith, in 1993, and is run by one very dedicated man, called James. The food is Lebanese, and the dining room is a fantastical explosion of cultures, with parasols hanging from the ceiling and a riot of kaleidoscopic colours everywhere you look. James cooks everything himself, from scratch, to order, which sounds impossible, until you find out there's literally only 20 seats in the room. Halfway between restaurant and supper club, it's one of London's most unique secret experiences.

    5. Disappearing Dining Club, London

    6. Dinner At The Manor, Leeds

    Facebook / Via Facebook: dinneratthemanor

    The longest running secret supper club in Leeds, this is hosted by two amateur cooks (Dan and Susie) just outside of central Leeds, in a "mystery location" (Dan's house). Don't be put off by the "amateur" part. The beauty of these supper clubs is their informal, un-snooty feel, and these guys have been successful long enough now that you know they've got some major culinary chops.

    I also really enjoy how they theme their menus off their favourite cookbooks, because it gives me a chance to actually try some of the recipes from the various books gathering dust in my house...

    7. Gingerline, London

    Gingerline were the guys who made immersive dining *a thing* in London, and they're still the best in the business. Everything, from location to theme, is top secret until the last possible moment (their motto is "loose lips sink ships"), with updates coming via text. When you do arrive, you're in for a hell of a dining experience. Their previous events have featured everything from Submarine mess halls, to tube carriages, to Siberian circuses and futuristic space crafts.

    8. Evans & Peel, London

    9. The Secret Supper Society, Somerton

    10. Sheffield Supper Club, Sheffield

    Facebook / Via Facebook: sheffieldsupperclub

    Pakistani food, done with all the warmth and comfort of home cooking. This supper club is run by Komal Khan, a chef who is as talented at fusion cooking as she is at the traditional, so there are interesting twists a-plenty on her menu, as well as influences from all over the globe.

    11. Caboose, London

    Facebook / Via Facebook: WeAreCaboose

    The "caboose" is the last carriage on a train, where in the days of yesteryear, workers used to gather to eat and make merry. These guys found a derelict caboose, decided to roll it to Brick Lane, and set up a supper club in it. Their food matches the interiors – all slow-smoked meats and BBQ – and is worth turning up for alone.

    12. The Drunken Butcher, Manchester

    13. Moel Faban, Wales

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MoelFabanSuppers

    Wales' most exclusive restaurant: no one knows where it is, and only 12 people are allowed in per sitting. Moel Faban is named after the mountain the chef lives on (casual), and is a once-a-month supper club that serves seasonal, gourmet dishes. Think international dishes done with proper local ingredients.

    14. Liverpool's Secret Dining Club, Liverpool

    15. Ms Marmite Lover, London

    16. Basement Galley, London

    Facebook / Via Facebook: basementgalley

    Cordon Bleu cooking in a decommissioned 1967 tube carriage. The food is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian (a combo I never knew I needed until now), and is made by Alex Cooper, a chef formerly of Michelin-starred Sketch. A little bit bonkers, but really really cool.

    17. The Clandestine Cake Club, Worldwide

    Facebook / Via Facebook: clandestinecakeclub

    Ok, technically this isn't a restaurant, as they only serve cakes. But would you have forgiven me if I'd kept this from you? They've got 200 clubs worldwide, with ones in Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester, to name but a few UK locations. The premise is a simple one. You bake a cake, congregate with all the other members (who have also baked a cake), then you eat all the cakes. In top secret.