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24 Things Every Crazy Cat Lady Needs In Her Life

There's no such thing as too much cat merchandise.

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1. This friendly watch.

Get it here for £18.

2. This adorable notebook.

Get it here for £4.95.

3. These insanely detailed temporary tattoos.

Get them here for £2.50.

4. These snazzy coasters.

Get them here for £15.

5. This gorgeous tote.

Get it here for £15.31.

6. This not-a-morning-cat mug.

Get it here for £10.

7. This sleek phone case.

Get it here for £13.16.

8. These ridiculously cute highlighters.

Get them here for £3.50.

9. This understated clock.

Get it here for £20.87.

10. These pretty-in-pink pins.

Get them here for £7.

11. These pencils that say it all.

Get them here for £3.75.

12. This darling ring.

Get it here for £7.13.

13. This feline egg holder.

Get it here for £18.99.

14. This magical travel cup.

Get it here for £16.70.

15. These creative colouring pencils.

Get it here for £7.

16. These crime-fighting, feline planters.

Get them here for £16.50.

17. These perfectly shaped teabags.

Get them here for £6.95.

18. This honest artwork.

Get it here for £20.

19. This teeny tiny curled up cat necklace.

Get it here for £79.

20. This statement placemat.

Get it here for £14.50.

21. These collectible keychains.

Get them here for £9 each.

22. This oh-so-subtle pouch.

Get it here for £12.53.

23. These cat-tastic earrings.

Get them here for £4.

24. These cuddly cat socks.

Get them here for £15.