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    22 Calming Videos For When It’s All Too Much

    Just take deep breaths and watch these.

    1. This relaxing paint mixing.

    2. This fluffy slime.

    3. This mesmerising slice.

    4. This soothing glaze.

    5. This swirling nail polish.

    6. This kinetic sand.

    7. This pattern-making.

    8. This metallic slime.

    9. This satisfying sizzle.

    10. This mesmerising pottery.

    11. This milky slime.

    12. This mirrored paint mixing.

    13. This hydraulic press.

    14. This sky blue slime.

    15. This relaxing painting.

    16. This swirling liquid.

    17. This clay trimming.

    18. This kinetic sand slicing.

    19. This lovely pattern.

    20. This beautiful hourglass.

    21. This slow motion majesty.

    22. This puppy drinking milk.

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